5 Questions About 'The Affair' Season 3

Between the intrigue, the betrayal, and the mind-blowing perspective shifts, The Affair on SHOWTIME always leaves us questioning what's really going on. What will happen next? How will relationships change? And sometimes, just simply... WHAT IS HAPPENING?!?! The Affair never fails to deliver the twists, the Season 2 finale was no exception. Needless to say, we're in for a serious roller coaster in Season 3.

Jumping three years into the future, the next chapter of this psychological thriller starts with Noah’s release from prison, as he and the other characters attempt to pick up the pieces of their lives. Throughout the first two seasons, we've witnessed Noah, Alison, Cole, and Helen lie, cheat, and straight up threaten each other's lives — and these characters are far from escaping their past. Things are sure to get murkier, more mysterious, and even more compelling in this new season.

In order to take on this next season with all our faculties about us, we feel compelled to revisit the big questions that The Affair left us with last season. Definitely catch up, re-watch, or generally binge all the episodes you can, like the seasoned TV detective you are. And make sure to catch the season premiere of The Affair, November 20th at 10 p.m. E/T, only on SHOWTIME.

1. After three years in prison, who is Noah Solloway and where will he go next?

Throughout the series, we've seen Noah's self-destructive urges compromise his vision of himself as a good husband, father, and man. In an attempt to salvage his self perception as a "good guy," he takes responsibility for Scotty Lockhart’s murder and shields both Alison and Helen from blame. In Season 3, will Noah’s old self-indulgent habits come back to haunt him? Or will post-prison life finally provide the fresh start he continuously seems to seek?

2. Where does Noah stand with Alison?

Season 2’s finale ended with a serious shocker, confirming fan theories that Cole — not Noah — is in fact the father of Alison’s child Joanie. Equipped with this game-changing knowledge, will Noah walk away from his once dream girl as the pedestal he placed her on crumbles? Or will he give into his terminal infatuation with her and come running back to her side?

3. Will Helen and Noah patch things up?

While Noah and Helen’s divorce has long since been finalized, the two were just starting to get along. Remember that sweet moment together on the beach mere hours before Scotty’s death changed all their lives forever? There's hope for them, right?! After all, he took the blame to protect the family. However, we can only imagine what the past three years has done for Noah’s relationship with Helen.

4. What does the revelation about Cole and Alison’s child mean for their personal and professional relationship?

By the Season 2 finale, Cole, Luisa, and Alison had put aside their personal tensions to successfully run the Lobster Roll together. In a tender moment before his wedding to Luisa, Cole confided in Alison that Luisa is unable to have children. Three years later, has Alison finally admitted to Cole that Joanie is actually his daughter? Will this dramatic paternal reveal not only test their professional success but shatter their foundation to its core?

5. But the biggest question of all remains: Who can you trust?

The Affair brilliantly plays with narrative structure, telling one story from different perspectives and provoking us to question the reliability of each narrator. As we try to piece together what is actually happening, we're also processing who these characters truly are and who is trustworthy. After an affair, a paternity drama, a prison sentence, and so many lies, this season will delve further into each character as they try to re-assemble their lives. But when it comes to us as viewers and who we choose to trust, it's all a matter of perspective. We can't wait to be surprised even more.

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