Nick Viall Returns To Paradise In New 'Bachelor' Behind-The-Scenes Pic — PHOTO

Just when you thought Nick Viall had had enough of Paradise, it looks like he’s headed back to it. Well... kind of. In a recent behind-the-scenes photo from Viall’s season of The Bachelor, the contestant stands on a beach, looking out longingly toward the horizon. And, even though the location may not be Mexico, it definitely looks like a pretty great place to fall in love. With the distant islands ready for exploring and the water gently lapping at his feet, it looks like Viall has found himself squarely back in romantic paradise.

Though it's not clear when in the season this will take place, it looks beautiful — and even better, it looks like topless Nick is definitely on the table for this season of The Bachelor.

But let’s not only focus on Viall’s apparent nudity in this shot. It looks hot wherever he is. I’m sure he has good reason for going topless. The really good news that we should all be taking from this picture is that this season of The Bachelor is definitely going to be going somewhere warm. Personally, I was starting to get worried when pictures of the cast and crew in Milwaukee started popping up around the internet. I mean, a trip to the Midwest is fine and all — especially since Viall is from Wisconsin — but it wouldn’t be a season of The Bachelor without a trip to some amazing tropical location.

The good news is that not much has changed in The Bachelor game. There are still tropical locations. There are still scantily clad contestants. You know, all of the things we have come to love and expect from the Bachelor franchise.