Dating Experts Give Nick Viall Important Advice

Two-time Bachelorette runner-up (on Andi Dorfman's and Kaitlyn Bristowe's seasons) and current Bachelor in Paradise cast member Nick Viall will be the next Bachelor. And whether or not he was your first choice for the spot or you're outraged AF over the news, there's no denying his fourth attempt at love on reality TV "might be the most dramatic season ever."

So what can we expect from Viall's season? "I think choosing Nick was one of the best decisions the show has made in a long time," Lori Bizzoco, relationship expert and founder of CupidsPulse.com, tells Bustle. "Instead of choosing a predictable contestant from last season, they gave this new fan-favorite a shot. Not to mention, Nick is 35-years-old and really seems sincere about wanting a special someone to share his life with long-term. Nobody really knows what a relationship with Nick would be like because the past two leading ladies (plus Amanda) did not give him a fair chance. The one thing we do know about Nick is that his candid and open discussions cause him a lot of trouble. This will be something that we will need to watch closely on his season."

Luckily, we do know what he's looking for in a partner. When he guest starred on Bustle's Sex and Relationships podcast, I Want It That Way , he told us everything he was looking for in a woman, from a strong personality and confidence to someone who helps him be his best self. "That's the great part about dating, and the great part of relationships sometimes not working out," Viall told Bustle. "You get to know yourself and, more importantly, what you want in life."

So will Viall find love this time around? While no one can say what will happen for sure, here's what dating and relationship experts (who are also fans of the show) think Viall needs to do for a true shot at love this season:

1. Keep Your Competitive Nature In Check

"We all know that Nick Viall has suffered some very public rejections. As the next bachelor, he needs to make sure that he keeps his competitive nature in check as he searches for his soulmate. As a public figure, he could easily be branded as the 'guy who always almost gets the girl' and we know he doesn't want to be that guy. His biggest hurdle will be to overcome any self-doubt he has about his own intentions when decisions get difficult." Erica McCurdy, Life Coach

2. Be Yourself

"Bring more of the open-hearted, warm, relaxed, truly honest Nick that we saw in Paradise to this installment of the show. Previous to this season's Paradise, I was not a Nick fan. But on Paradise, he seemed more relaxed and I got to see what felt like the "real" him — a thoughtful, caring, aware man. I couldn't believe the way Josh acted and the whole Amanda/Josh debacle and my heart really went out to him." — Heather Kristian Strang, Spiritual Author & Guide

3. Take Some You Time Before This All Begins

"We all watched as Nick was publicly — and humiliatingly — dumped on national television not once but twice. I don't care how confident and self-assured you are, that's going to be a blow to your self-esteem. If Nick is going to have any chance of being in a healthy relationship when it's all over, he has to be in a good spot himself. Do some meditation, take an extended trip, write a book, spend time with friends, whatever builds him back up and gets him ready for the whirlwind ahead of him. Even though The Bachelor has a contrived premise, we've seen successful relationships come out of it, so if Nick wants to join those select few that have made it in the outside world, he'll have to be ready to survive the insanity of 25 women falling in love with him on the first night." — Sami Johnson, Head Matchmaker at The LDS Matchmaker

4. Stay Soul-Centered

"I would also encourage Nick to stay in a very heart/soul-centered place with these new women. He has notoriously gone after women that are not fully available to him and has become sexual with them too soon — both with Andi & Kaitlyn - and that didn't do him any favors. In the past few seasons, it is on night one that the true love / "winner" is clearly seen/felt. I recommend Nick meditates before that first night and really lets himself be in his heart/soul so he will clearly recognize his woman." Strang

5. Throw Your "List" Out The Window

"Old, young, male or female, everyone has their laundry list of things they absolutely must have in a future partner. Now don't get me wrong, it will be important for Nick to know what he wants and what he's looking for, but a too detailed list can actually be detrimental to him finding his special someone. During the time I've worked as a matchmaker, whenever a new client comes in one of the first things we do is ask them about what they are looking for. It is great to hear things like "educated", "athletic" or "enjoys fine arts". What I dread is when they say that their future partner must be between 5'5" and 5'8", blonde and a size 0-4. Why eliminate entire demographics for such odd reasons? Sure a person can have preferences, but don't mistake those preferences for must haves. Ultimately, Nick ought to have a general idea of characteristics and qualities he's looking for, but he shouldn't be surprised if the woman that knocks him off his feet comes in a package he wasn't expecting." — Johnson

6. Don't Be Confused By Sexual Chemistry

"Don't confuse sexual chemistry with life partner/wife connection. As Andi and Kaitlyn clearly showed you — it's not the same thing. A soul connection is the only one that has any chance of lasting — so let your heart/soul lead the way." Strang

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