Is Ken Bone At The Last Debate? The Man In The Red Sweater Will Be Covering It For Jimmy Kimmel

You may be surprised that the mustachioed undecided voter in a red sweater from the second presidential debate is still in the news, but now he's scored a gig as a special guest correspondent for Jimmy Kimmel Live! That's right, Ken Bone will be at Wednesday's presidential debate.

The man of the moment flew to Las Vegas with his wife Heather on Tuesday, and has since attended a pre-debate party thrown by FamousDC at the Venetian hotel. He brought two versions of his now-famous sweater, including a "near-replica," which he wore to a cocktail party Tuesday so he could keep the original clean for the debate, USA TODAY reported.

But on Wednesday he'll be wearing the real deal. During the debate, Bone will be exercising his journalistic chops, taking notes and doing his "very best," according to USA TODAY. Still, he said he's "sure there will be a comedic element."

Bone had already appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Oct. 10. to give his verdict on the second presidential debate, and it appears his opinion hasn't changed much since then. He said he feels Donald Trump is better for him "economically," and Hillary Clinton is better "socially," but he is still undecided, according to Slate.

But how much longer will Bone's opinion matter to the public? The 34-year-old power plant worker is fully aware that his fame may be temporary. “I 100 percent acknowledge that this is an internet meme, it’s going to go away, and a lot of is that I’m a little funny looking and I’m willing to make fun of myself,” he told Slate.

Bone's fame didn't come for free; a search of his past on Reddit turned up controversial comments, including one in which he called Trayvon Martin's shooting justified, and another in which he commented on Jennifer Lawrence's hacked nude photos. Bone has apologized for his comments on Lawrence, but he said his comment on Martin was solely based on the jury verdict, Slate reported.

Still, Bone hopes the candidates will stick to discussing the issues and avoid personal attacks during the debate, USA TODAY reported. Hopefully tonight's debate will help him finally make a decision on who to vote for.

You can catch Bone on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on ABC at 11:35 p.m. EST. The debate is being moderated by Fox News' Chris Wallace, and it will take place on Wednesday at 9 p.m. EST at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas.