Bernie Sanders' Response To The Last Presidential Debate Is A Massive Anti-Trump Fest

The final presidential debate on Wednesday brought to a close a debate season which, for many, was exhausting, surprising, and at times alarming. For those on the left who supported Sen. Bernie Sanders throughout the Democratic primary, it was disappointing not to see him on the stage opposing Donald Trump and answering moderator Chris Wallace's questions. Following his primary defeat, Sanders gave his full support to Hillary Clinton in her effort to best Trump in the general election, campaigning with her across the country and asking his supporters to get behind her. Sanders and his staff responded to the final debate throughout the night on Twitter, and it did not disappoint.

The primary race between Sanders and Clinton began on a civil note, but became increasingly tense and at times ugly leading up to the final primary contests. There was a real tone shift from Sanders following the Democratic National Convention, just after the platform committee incorporated several of his more progressive proposals into the official party platform. He has spent plenty of time extolling Clinton's merits and qualifications on the campaign trail. But the persisting undercurrent of his message to voters has remained: Trump cannot gain access to the White House. In response to the debate, Sanders' team on Twitter followed in that vein, expressing agreement with Clinton's answers and criticizing Trump's responses harshly.

Supreme Court Argument

A Woman's Right

That "Criminals" Comment

The Path To Citizenship

Trump's Vision

Trump's Tie Situation

Trump's talk on bringing jobs back to America is a little silly when we consider that his clothing line has used overseas labor.

But That Wasn't Enough

And What About That Steel?

Broke AF


Get off your butts and vote, says Sanders.

Let's Just Put All My Feelings In One Place

Sanders actually compiled his Trump disses for us.

The Vermont senator and his team were on a roll throughout the night. And, as with the majority of his campaigning for Clinton, his focus was on criticizing Trump on Wednesday night. Sanders' number one priority is for Trump to lose the race. He hasn't hidden that fact since the primaries, and it was front and center in his debate responses. He's been doing his best to campaign hard for his former primary rival — no easy task after a hard-fought bid — and campaigning against her general election opponent is a method that Sanders seems more than comfortable with.