Muslim Blogger Launches Inclusive Range Of Hijabs For All Skin Tones, And They're Already Sold Out

Finally, the color of "skin" is expanding to include all colors of human beings. Brands are throwing out archaic labels and exclusive lines and, instead, embracing the diversity of "nude" colors. First it was Chrisitan Louboutin's line of nude pumps, and now a 22-year-old blogger launched a range of hijabs for all skin tones.

Habiba Da Silva is a blogger from the United Kingdom who created SKIN, a line of hijabs that blend culture and attire. Skin's hijabs come in four colors ranging from a creamy ivory to deep chocolate, and each retails for about $20. Silva created the line because she was "inspired by togetherness amongst different types of people," according to her site. "The theme of the collection plays around the idea of ‘marriage’; not necessarily as a bond between a man and a woman, rather as a bond between people from different backgrounds and cultures."

Silva has more than a million followers on social media, and is known for her videos on beauty and her #HabibaTalks series on YouTube. Like most business owners with a huge following and fan base, her brand new product sold out online almost instantly. Fortunately, SKIN is restocking all colors next week!

I love that Silva is encouraging people not to stick to just their own skin tone, but celebrate everyone.

Twitter is reacting to Silva's hajibs, many of whom are super excited for them:

Whether you want to complement or contrast your skin tone, these hijabs are beautiful.

Image: SKIN