Hillary Clinton Is Channeling Olivia Pope At The Final Debate & Twitter Is Loving It

Well, it only took Twitter about 30 seconds to lose its collective mind as the third and final presidential debate got under way — and the reason why would make Shonda Rhimes proud. Yes, this debate could be the final straw for Trump's controversial campaign. Yes, the candidates were about to face off on important topics including immigration, employment, and you know, general fitness to be president. But most importantly, Hillary Clinton's white pantsuit at the final debate was giving off major Olivia Pope vibes — and the internet was here for it.

That's right — the candidates had only just managed to awkwardly avoid shaking hands and settle in behind their respective podiums when Twitter picked up on Clinton's striking similarity to one of TV's most beloved gladiators, the fearless and flawless Olivia Pope herself. The most obvious reason? Clinton appeared at the final debate in Las Vegas dressed in a clean-cut cream-colored suit with a single row of buttons marching up the front of her jacket. The outfit looked exactly like something Pope would wear while stomping her way around Washington D.C. handling the crises of prominent politicians steeped in juicy and potentially career-ending drama. But it was Clinton's attitude as she prepared to take on her opponent that truly gave off Pope-tastic vibes. She was clearly a woman who was ready to take names. And yeah, Twitter noticed. Here's what people had to say:

Hillary Clinton and Olivia Pope are basically the same person.

I mean, just look at that coat, y'all.

The similarity is UNCANNY.

It's not just Hillary's outfit, though.

In fact, it's possible Pope herself helped Hillary prep for tonight's debate.

TBH, Olivia Pope would probably slay this debate herself.

Seriously, Olivia just run for president.

Either way, please keep the Clinton-Pope realness coming.

These two should switch lives more often.


This is not a joke.

Guys? It's perfect.

Honestly, I'm not sure why we're so surprised to see Hillary come out like a complete boss. As she's shown us time and time again, she knows what she's doing — regardless of what she's wearing. No, seriously guys. Hillary has it handled.

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