Hillary Clinton's Debate Outfits Had A Patriotic Theme You Didn't Even Notice — PHOTOS

Finally, the third and last Presidential debate has arrived. On Oct. 19, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump faced off one last time and before the first question was even read, it was clear that Clinton had won the night — at least when it came to subtly awesome patriotism. Hillary Clinton wore white to the final Presidential debate, which means that she's worn, in order, red, blue, and white suits to the debates. While Clinton's outfits are hardly what we should talking about during this election, her fashion choices have consistently been scrutinized for most of her career. And if people are going to insist on discussing her appearance, I'm glad she could use that attention to show her patriotism, which in a way, brings the focus back to where it should be: on the election that will decide the future of our country. And if you want to know more about Clinton's vision for that future, you can read all about her policies on her website.

Many viewers watching the debate seemed to pick up on Clinton's pattern, as she's been wearing suits to each debate that are primarily one color — as opposed to Donald Trump, who has tended to wear suits that include some combination of red, white, and/or blue at one time — and with this final debate, it's clear she's gone through all three of the United States' colors, though not in the traditional order.

First, there was her red suit at the Hofstra University debate:

Pool/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Then she wore navy blue with some white to the Washington University in St. Louis town hall debate:


And finally, she wore a cream-colored suit to the third debate at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas:

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Red, blue, and white. Now that we've cracked the pattern of Clinton's wardrobe, can we get back to watching her discuss hugely important issues in those outfits?