Donald Trump Is Sniffing Way Less Than Usual & Twitter Is Kind Of Upset About It

On Wednesday night, Republican candidate Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton faced-off in the final presidential debate of the 2016 election, and the topics discussed by the candidates and by the internet were important ones: the Supreme Court, women's right to choose, borders, gun control, and most importantly, Donald Trump's sniffing.

A recap: Over the past two debates, Donald Trump appeared to have a bad case of the sniffles. His obvious congestion was joke catnip for the folks on Twitter, especially since Trump and his surrogates have spent the last several months alleging that Hillary Clinton is suffering from a major illness that she has failed to disclose to voters.

So when Trump showed up to the first and second debates with the sniffles, Twitter was ready to give him a taste of his own medicine.

The jokes were just that: jokes. But when Trump showed up to debate on Wednesday night, everyone was eagerly awaiting signs of a cold. But, alas, the world was disappointed when Trump showed up sniffle-free.

And of course, people had opinions about it.

Was his noticeable lack of sniffing to account for his "low energy" at the beginning of the debate?

...or perhaps this debate was all an elaborate satire put on by Saturday Night Live?

But then — to the internet's despair — he began sniffing again, just after delivering an impassioned argument about drugs.

Well, you can't have it all. At least the candidates talked about actually policy tonight. Trump, get yourself some Vicks.