Sophia Bush Live-Tweeting The Final Presidential Debate Is Gold

If any election has brought out a plethora of celebrities to share their political leanings, it's this year's presidential election. Between calls to vote and messages of support for a certain candidate, actress Sophia Bush has been using Twitter during the 2016 election to make her views known. It's refreshing to see public figures like Bush taking the opportunity to reach tens of thousands of people and not only encourage them to vote, but to inform them about the issues, the policies, and what's truly at stake this year. No one is doing a better job of that than Bush, who has been especially vocal about this year's election and her support of Hillary Clinton.

Bush live-tweeted the third and final presidential debate of 2016 and shared thoughts and views that many of us can probably relate to. Whether it was calling out Trump's racist and fear-mongering tactics and platforms, or tweeting out facts about the amazing charity work that the Clinton Foundation has done, there's no secret as to who Bush is voting for this November 8. And if you're, for any reason, still wondering why she's voting the way she is, all you have to do is read through her live tweets to understand her views. And not only that, but they might remind you why should make voting this November 8 a priority, as well.

Bush tweeted #ImWithHer sentiments as much as she tweeted about Trump's many shortcomings as a presidential candidate.

Can I get a YGG?

Bush supported the good Hillary's foundation has done. She's also not about to let Trump get away with lying. Instead, she tweeted out the facts.

Bush didn't just share her own thoughts, though. She retweeted many thoughtful, poignant, and important messages, as well.

Bush's final words? November 8th is important. Very important.

Vote. Period.