Donald Trump Grills Fox News Debate Moderator Over Aleppo In A Desperate Last Gasp

In a last gasp at the final presidential debate Wednesday night, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was so revved up that he actually started debating Fox News moderator Chris Wallace over his question about Syria. The exchange happened after Wallace tried to fact-check Trump on claims he'd made during the second debate that Aleppo, Syria's capital, had already fallen.

"Have you been to Aleppo? Have you seen it? Have you seen it? HAVE. YOU. SEEN. IT?" Trump asked antagonistically, as Wallace tried to speak. "OK, so it hasn't happened — take a look at it."

"Well there are a quarter of a million people still living there and being slaughtered," Wallace answered.

"And they are being slaughtered because of bad decisions," Trump said, gesturing towards Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, who could barely contain her massive eye roll. Indeed, the situation in Syria is a disaster, but Trump arguing with the debate moderator was odd — if not totally unsurprising. After all, his MO is to argue with anyone who tries to call him on his behavior or credibility, so it makes sense that even a debate moderator would be fair game.

You can watch the exchange for yourself here:

Of course, Twitter responded to the exchange with some confusion and amusement.

But then again, it was hardly the strangest thing Trump said that night.