Is 'AHS: Return To Roanoke' A True Story? 'Three Days In Hell' Is The New Show-Within-A-Show

Now that the show is on the sixth episode of American Horror Story: Roanoke, things are totally different. My Roanoke Nightmare, the show-within-the-show which recounted the real life events of Shelby and Matt's life is over. But, a new show has begun, which shows what's up with everyone (including the re-enactment actors) now. But, is Return To Roanoke: Three Days In Hell a true story? I mean, despite the series' claim to be inspired by real events, I'm going to have to go with no.

These actors aren't real, the producers aren't real, this reality show isn't real, and I sure hope the demon butcher and pig monster aren't really torturing people in North Carolina. But, that doesn't mean the reality show doesn't draw from real life. When Cheyenne Jackson was introduced as the producer, he seemed like the real deal; talking about ratings, sequels, and how he's annoyed with fans who didn't like his show's ending. I mean, that could very well be Jackson playing a Ryan Murphy parody.

The idea of a reality show featuring people locked in a house like Return to Roanoke isn't fictional either. Big Brother airs every summer and features a dozen or so people who spend months sequestered in a house from the outside world while cameras film them 24/7. Of course, the point of that show is to play games and have fun and win money — not to get tortured by spirits.

There are reality shows about haunted houses, like Ghost Hunters, and shows about making reality shows, like UnReal, but those are tame in comparison to the nightmare show this fictional producer has cooked up. In short, the Roanoke reality shows aren't legit, but that doesn't make them any less interesting to watch unfold.

Image: FX