'Return To Roanoke' Is The New 'AHS' Show Within A Show & This Fourth Wall Breaking Is Insane

Honestly, what is happening right now on American Horror Story: Roanoke ? There is some seriously meta stuff occurring in the sixth episode, and I don't know if I hate it or not. We immediately got walked into a conference room where the producer (Cheyenne Jackson) pitched a reality show based off of his Roanoke Nightmare show called Return To Roanoke: Three Days In Hell . In the pitch meeting there were a lot of nods to what Ryan Murphy probably experiences including fans unsatisfied with endings, and a desire to keep moving forward to the next iteration of the series. But, Sidney, Jackson's character, isn't creating a fictional show like Murphy, Sidney wants to lock real people in that crazy house and see what happens. Put that fourth wall back up please, because this is too much.

Can you even imagine this actually happening? It seems like we may be peeking into some behind-the-scenes shenanigans, where producers rig certain things to look like reality and secretly manipulate the cast members to foster drama. This particular reality show is not like your average reality season, though. Sidney and his minions are actually putting these people in real danger on Return to Roanoke: Three Days In Hell. I don't see this particular series going past one season, do you?

Luckily, it looks like this whole fourth wall/reality concept is really working with diehard fans. Let's hope they play it out right and keep the "horror" in American Horror Story.

Images: FX