This Hilarious Book Series Is Perfect For Days When Being An Adult Is Just Too Much

Anyone who has entered into adulthood — and even many who haven’t — can tell you, being a grown-up has its challenges. Sure, it seems exciting when you’re a kid, but eventually, the daily realities of adulating hit: paying bills, holding down a job, dealing with stress, and so on. Humor makes everything better, though, and that’s where Jason Hazeley and Joel Morris’ Fireside Grown-up Guides series comes in.

Parodying children’s books, the series makes light of many relatable aspects of adulthood — even the parts that no one talks about. It’s a fun approach. Think back to the Dick and Jane books of decades past and imagine the two characters as grown-ups. Now swap “See Spot run!” to “Try the hair of the dog as a hangover cure,” and that should give you a good idea of the kind of humor to expect.

The first four installments tackle The Hangover , The Mom , The Husband , and Mindfulness , and they lay out ridiculous, yet often true information about adult life. For example, “There is no cure for a hangover,” write Hazeley and Morris, “but it can be treated with a cup of strong coffee and a couple of fried breakfasts.” It’s not exactly scientific, but the wisdom is hard to deny.

Additional Fireside Grown-up Guides are coming, too. We can look forward to the authors’ entertaining take on The Cat, The Hipster, The Meeting, and more in coming months. Although the series won’t teach you how to make adulating easier, it will provide a lot of laughter, aka the best medicine.

Image: NBCUniversal