Kim Kardashian's 36th Birthday Will Be Quieter Than Her Past Ones, Based On Her Sister's Update

Friday Oct. 21 isn't just another ordinary day, at least not for one famous reality star: It is Kim Kardashian's 36th birthday. Based on the fact that she was robbed at gunpoint in early October and has understandably stayed out of the spotlight since the horrifying ordeal, some might be wondering how Kim Kardashian is celebrating her birthday. Well, there's a good chance that she might not celebrate at all. Unlike in the past, she just might not be in a celebratory mood. And if she does, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star will probably do it privately with close family and friends.

Actually, while chatting with Entertainment Tonight Wednesday, Kourtney Kardashian commented on her sister's birthday. Unsurprisingly, she was vague in giving details, but said, "I don't know yet. I don't know yet. We haven't really gotten there." Maybe they really don't know what's going on in regards to Kim's birthday or Kourtney may actually know what they're doing and is choosing to keep the plans to herself. Ever since the robbery, the Kardashian-Jenner family have said it's all been a wake up call to them and how they live their lives. So, Kourtney's vague answer could very well be intentional.

On Tuesday during an interview with E! News, Kris Jenner revealed how their lifestyle has changed, "You start looking at the world a little bit differently, because when you have a daughter at home who's struggling because of something horrific and tragic that happened, you start looking around a little bit differently." She added, "So, I think that this is a wake up call for not only our family, but just for anybody in a similar position. You just have to make sure that you do what you're supposed to do — keep it tight."

Khloé Kardashian also said what happened to her older sister is eye opening. "Well, I think it’s just a wake up call to make a lot of life adjustments," she revealed on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in October. "I think it is important to make those adjustments, and to pull back a little bit, I think is always smart." Khloé even said, "I mean, she’s not doing that well," which is unfortunate, but also expected.

Jenner also gave an update to E! on Kardashian and clearly she is taking it one day at a time. "It's a process. One day at a time. It's just a process. What can I say?" The momager also noted that right now her daughter just wants to be at home with her family. "She's home and that's all that matters. She wants to be with her kids and family. It's just family first."

There's no doubt that the Kardashian and Jenners always put family first, especially when it comes to birthday celebrations. I mean, just look at the photos above from Kardashian's 16th birthday (shared by her friend Allison Statter on Kardashian's app on Friday), where Kardashian is posing with her dad, Robert Kardashian, next to her new BMW.

Then, there is this photo from when Kanye West surprised Kardashian for her 35th birthday last year. Based on the caption and that gorgeous cake, I think it's safe to say she had an amazing time.

Based on her family's comments, it would make sense if Kardashian chooses not to do anything on her birthday this year. As understandable as that is, I do hope she can find some happiness on her special day.