9 Times To Wait Before You React To Something

You don't have to be naturally hot-headed to be quick to react. If you really took the time to think about the way you react in situations, you might realize that your instincts are a lot more hot-headed than you realized. You might be able to see that you're quick to jump on the defense. You might come to realize that you immediately think of an excuse when you're in trouble. You might come to realize that you have an issue graciously accepting advice you didn't ask for. You might come to realize that taking a deep breath before reacting is not something you've ever really done before, and should definitely start doing!

You might also not realize that when you jump into a hyper-reactionary state, you make yourself susceptible to stress that's largely unnecessary. We all make mistakes, we all have experience being disappointed and being the person who disappoints someone else. We've all forgotten to wish someone a "Happy Birthday". We've all said something that came out the wrong way and offended someone.

We're not perfect, and our delivery and actions have the ability to cause issues. Knowing that, try to take your interactions with a grain of salt. Try to force yourself to take a deep breath before you get upset. You might save yourself a lot of strife. These are nine times you should definitely wait a minute before reacting to something:

Your Boss Calls You Into Their Office

Your first instinct might be to freak out. You automatically think that you're in trouble and you jump on the defense. You want to walk into her office prepared for whatever she might throw at you. Instead, take a deep breath and keep yourself open and vulnerable to whatever she has to say. Unless you're feeling guilty about something, you shouldn't assume that all news is bad news. The chances of you two having a progressive conversation are much higher if you don't come in with an air of spiky defense.

A Co-Worker Gives You An Attitude

We all have the propensity to get testy at work. Sometimes we snap at our co-workers. Sometimes we take things out on them that they don't deserve. If you catch your co-worker at a stressful moment and they don't treat you with the kindness and respect you typically expect from them, don't give into the temptation to make something of it. We all have stressful jobs and sometimes attitudes flare. Unless it becomes a ongoing issue, let it slide. Your reaction will only add heat to a fire that should have been squashed.

A Friend Flakes On Plans

Be honest with yourself, you've flaked in the past, too. If a friend forgets about plans or shows up late or double books, it's totally understandable to be upset. But don't let it blow up out of proportion — we're all human and make mistakes. Try to see the situation from their perspective. You should definitely expect an apology, but don't blow up on your friend for making a mistake.

A Date Cancels On You

This can totally sting, but sometimes there's a legit reason. If you had plans with someone and they call it off last minute, give them the benefit of the doubt. Maybe they really do have a valid excuse. If you think they're being dishonest with you, you should ask yourself why you're entertaining them in your life before you spend time reprimanding them for being the way they are.

You Mess Up A Recipe

If you just spent hours putting together a meal that you're starving to eat, only to screw something up last minute, take a deep breath. Don't throw the burnt pot in the sink and your food in the trash. Take a minute to look up a way to turn it into something else. Something must be salvageable. And even if you totally screwed up and it's beyond repair, it was a learning experience, and you won't make that same mistake twice.

You Forget An Important Event

Your first instinct will be to call whoever's birthday you forgot or baby shower you missed and flood them will apologies and berate yourself. But instead of making your forgetfulness someone else's problem to deal with, calm yourself down and offer a cool and collected gesture. Send flowers, send a letter, make it up to them. But don't freak out and make them have to deal with forgiving you.

Your Parents Appear Disapproving

It sucks when your parents frown upon something that you're excited about. Even though you're an adult, you want them to approve of your choices and you want to feel validated. That said, you have to learn how to trust yourself and be OK with your own choices. Standing behind your decisions is part of being an adult. So don't have a temper tantrum and spend your energy trying to get your parents to change their mind; just start believing in yourself more.

Your Parents Offer Unsolicited Advice

Sometimes your parents are going to want to feel helpful and needed by your adult self, it's totally normal. This might result in some advice that you'd really rather you didn't receive. But instead of shutting your parents down and making them feel like they're good for nothing, smile and nod and thank them for their advice. You don't have to take it, you also don't have to throw it back in their face.

Your Partner Accidentally Offends You

When you're in an intimate relationship with someone, you're bound to offend each other. It's just going to happen. One of you will say the wrong thing and the other person will take it very personally. Try to remember this when your partner accidentally says the wrong thing about your new hair cut. Some things just aren't worth going ballistic over.

Your Partner Isn't In The Mood

We often forget how easy it is to offend someone when making comments about what goes on in the bedroom. If your partner isn't in the mood, find it in you to be respectful and not offended. No one should ever have to defend themselves for not being in the mood. Sometimes you're just not and that's just how it is. Making someone feel bad about their sex drive is the quickest way to lower it even more.

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