13 Things That Were Peak 2000s, According To Reddit

The '90s get a lot of love, but it's also more than fair to say that life in the early 2000s was pretty darn epic. When we think about the most 2000s things ever , for example, most of us remember the celebrity couples, crazy dating shows, and yes, the birth of a lot of the technology we still use and love today. For those of us who were in middle or high school during the 2000s, the period is also marked with memories of tender adolescence — our awkward first dates, learning to drive, and panicking about final exams we thought would totally determine out futures. Good times.

Luckily for us, the fantastic people of AskReddit recently participated in a totally nostalgic Reddit thread to reminisce about those moments that absolutely define the 2000s. My guess is that as much as we love the '90s, as we get older, we'll see a lot more appreciation for the 2000s, as well. Absence and distance makes the heart grow fonder and all that.

For now, let's start our trip back down memory lane and laugh about all of those little things that were so 2000s.

1. Hours Spent Customizing Your Myspace — And Trying To Unfriend Tom

Oh, the hours we spent perfecting our Myspace pages. And, without fail, trying to get rid of Tom on our friends list. Poor guy!

2. Wishing We Had Several TVs And A Jacuzzi In Our Cars

Who didn't curl up on the couch and marathon watch Pimp My Ride? Whether or not you even had a car of your own (or, let's be real, your driver's license), this show pretty much sums up the 2000s.

3. Showing Off Your Shiny Pink Razr Cellphone

I'll declare it: Razrs were pretty much the iPhone of the 2000s. Everybody wanted one; it became the "it" phone seemingly overnight. The pink ones were the most popular, obviously!

4. Chatting With Your Crush on AIM

In a time before Facebook Messages, we all gathered around our computers and chatted with our friends and crushes on AOL Instant Messenger. And when we weren't chatting, we were editing our profiles and putting up the perfect song lyrics to express our complex emotions. Oh, high school.

5. Having A Separate Music Device And Phone

Nowadays, we all use our phones to stream music when we're on the go. In the 2000s, it was way more common for people to carry a separate music device (hi there, Discman — or even Hit Clips) as well as a phone.

6. Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie's Friendship

Paris and Nicole were the popular duo you couldn't help but love. They were in The Simple Life and all over the tabloids and media, and as a generation, we pretty much ate it up.

7. Expressing Our Feelings On LiveJournal

LiveJournal was basically a dream for every emo kid in the 2000s. We could design our own profiles and layouts, and of course blog endlessly about our days, wishes, and dreams for the future. Because who didn't want to have a blog just like Carrie on Sex and the City?

8. Fond Memories Of Windows XP

Be honest: Whether you're loyal to PC or Apple, you definitely remember the Windows XP startup sound.

9. That Moment You Remember You Haven't Fed Your Neopet In Weeks

Neopets: They're still hungry.

10. Chatting On MSN When Aim Wasn't Hopping

When you weren't chatting with friends on AIM, you were definitely on MSN chat. MSN allowed you to do a lot of the same stuff with your profile and customization so it was a pretty good backup for when your friends logged out of AOL.

11. Pretending You Were A Literal Rock Star At The Local Arcade

You were totally going to be discovered by an agent while owning Dance Dance Revolution at your local arcade, right?

12. More CDs In The Back Of Your Car Than You Could Count

Having a binder full of mixed CDs was basically a rite of passage in the 2000s. The more you meticulously put together and exchanged with your friends, the better.

13. Downloading A Literal Ton Of Music From Limewire

Yes, everyone told you not to download music illegally. And yet... all of those songs you put on your mixed CDs came from somewhere, didn't they? (But seriously, don't download music illegally.)