'Hercules' Trailer Features Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Slo-Mo Fighting Beasts, Is Epic

HE. IS. HERCULES!!! (Also, do you smell what The Rock is cooking?) You've got to see the trailer for Hercules starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in one of the most hilariously on point casting choices in the history of cinema. That's right, cinema.

For those of who you fondly remember Hercules as a cartoon dude with biceps for days and singing ladies to back him up in harmony, it's time to revise that notion with this trailer, that's like a "before they were rock stars" look at the legendary Herc ("before he was a god — back when he was just a man!"). In this over-the-top, angry, testosterone-heavy trailer, you get a glimpse into just how powerful this legendary Grecian was (he watch him turn a lion's head into a hat!) And in case you weren't sure, he is Hercules. (Wait for the end to hear him give his battle cry.)

For those of you who doubt how rigorous the preparation for this role was, just check Johnson's Twitter! In fact, this was the most difficult role in his not particularly esteemed acting career ( Tooth Fairy , anyone?). Eight months of training, ya'll. You know, even pro-wrestlers gotta get in shape to play a godman.

The movie, which epitomizes summer popcorn fare, has Brett Ratner at the helm and will be released on July 25. Until then, you can watch the trailer here, and in case you forgot — HE. IS. HERCULES!!

Image: Paramount Pictures/ YouTube