Today Is Spirit Day, And Dating App Happn And GLAAD Joined Forces To Take A Stand Against LGBTQ Bullying

Today is Spirit Day, a campaign wherein millions of people “go purple” to take a stand against bullying in order to show their support for LGBTQ youth. Dating app Happn and GLAAD are joining forces for #SpiritDay, too. When you open up Happn today, a full-screen image will pop up and users will see “Words Can Hurt” in the foreground of the first image, as well as anti-LGBTQ terms in the background. The secondary image is a call-to-action, so users can join Happn and GLAAD in putting an end to LGBTQ bullying.

Happn hopes to encourage users to participate in Spirit Day and they’ll then be linked to GLAAD’s #SpiritDay website page.

“We choose words carefully in portraying ourselves in order to charm others when filling out our dating profiles,” said Didier Rappaport, CEO and co-founder of Happn, in a press release. “If only we could be equally as mindful of the derogatory words used towards the LGBTQ community. To show our support for the GLAAD youth-driven cause, Happn is leveraging its platform to raise awareness, and challenging its users to rewrite the script for LGBTQ acceptance in America and across the globe.”

After all, as you probably know, bullying is a huge problem, and it’s great to see two entities, Happn and GLAAD, join together to take a stand against it.

Almost three-quarters of students (74 percent) reported experiencing some type of peer victimization in the past school year, according to research by GLSEN (pronounced “glisten”), an organization focused on ensuring safe and affirming schools for LGBTQ students. That’s three-quarters too many, I think. In addition, over half (51 percent) of teachers believe that bullying is a significant problem at school. Plus, eight out of 10 LGBT students are still harassed at school each year.

How Can You Help?

If you’re one of Happn’s 23+ million users, you can make your Happn profile picture purple via GLAAD’s mobile app. Of course, Happn user or not, you can take part in the #SpiritDay movement on social media. GLAAD’s #SpiritDay page will also give you many more ideas on how to take part in #SpiritDay, including wearing purple, adding a badge (such as “I’m against bullying”) to your social media picture(s), and/or making a donation to GLAAD; after all, they strive for LGBTQ people to be accepted worldwide. I’d definitely say that’s a worthwhile — not to mention crucial — cause to support.

In addition, you can “Take The Pledge” on GLAAD’s site and “Go Purple” — it takes less than a minute, and you just need to give your name, email address, and zip code. Once you do, you’ll get even more ideas on how to spread the #SpiritDay love.

A lot of people have already taken to Twitter to show their support.

From People, Like Jazz Jennings, A Transgender Teen:

And The Ladies Of The View:

To The White House:

And The Dodgers:

As Well As Shows, Like Orange Is The New Black:

To Brands, Like Coca-Cola:

And News Outlets, Like ABC7:

And Theaters, Like Broadway In Chicago:

See? It’s easy to show your support.

Images: Fotolia; Happn