19 Plus Size Faux Fur Coats That Will Keep You Warm & Fabulous All Winter Long

Wearing a faux fur coat is always glamorous and will never go out of style, which is why you see high quality faux fur coats in most stores year after year. Finding quality plus size faux fur coats isn't just about finding a coat, it's about finding the coat. If you're going to be wearing this thing all winter, it doesn't have to just keep you toasty warm, but it has to be on brand for your aesthetic, too.

That could mean you want simple, vintage black fur coat or you want a floor length rainbow one: These days, fur coats come in every shape, size and color, the only limit is your imagination — and of course, how hard you're willing to search for the perfect coat.

While you don't need any excuses to pick up a new fur coat this season, here's a few to help you feel less guilty about throwing money at another item of outerwear: You'll look great, a good coat is a solid investment, and you'll look great. Fur coats are the warmest of all coats for winter, and no animals have to be harmed in the making of your faux fur number — by the way, did you know that you'll look great? Use whichever excuse you need (but you don't need one at all) to justify treating yourself to one of these faux fur gems.

1. Green Faux Fur

Green Faux Fur Coat (Available to Size 28), $138, ASOS

Why stick to a natural fur color if you're going for the faux fur option? This dark green shade looks just as luxurious as any other faux fur out there.

2. Vintage Faux Fur

Vintage Faux Fur Coat (One Size), $72, Tunnel Vision

Is there anything more glamorous than a vintage faux fur coat. It's unique, it's gorgeous and you can make up really elaborate stories about who used to own it.

3. Champagne Faux Fur

Champagne Faux Fur Coat (Available to Size 28), $132, Simplybe

Just because the days are darker doesn't mean your wardrobe has to be. Keep it light with this lovely faux fur.

4. Leopard Faux Fur Bomber

Leopard Faux Fur Bomber Jacket (Available to 3x), $40, Wet Seal

If a longer coat just isn't your vibe, you can still buy into the faux fur trend with this super cool leopard print bomber jacket.

5. Colorblock Faux Fur

Colorblock Faux Fur Coat (Available to Size 28), $150, Eloquii

Take your love of ombre from your hair to your fur with this shaggy fur from Eloquii.

6. Black Fur

Black Faux Fur Coat (Available to Size 28), $132, Simplybe

Or keep it simple and chic this winter with this gorgeous black fur coat.

7. Cyber Warrior Faux Fur

Cyber Warrior Faux Fur Coat (Available to Size 20), $201, Market Place/ASOS

This amazing colored faux fur coat by Scottish independent label Isolated Heroes is perfect for the more punk rock among us.

8. Pink Cropped Faux Fur

Studio Faux Fur Jacket (Available to Size 24), $130, Eloquii

Give your evening looks this winter a new layer of pretty individuality with this cropped faux fur.

9. Navy Curly Faux Fur

Navy Curly Faux Fur Coat (Available to Size 20), $390, Nordstrom

More expensive than most on this list, but the softness of this coat might make it totally worth it.

10. Vintage Honeycomb Faux Fur

Vintage Honeycomb Faux Fur Coat (One Size), $120, Tunnel Vision

This honey shade of fur is perfect for anyone that adores wearing neutral and nude tones.

11. Patchwork Faux Fur

Patchwork Faux Fur Coat (Available to Size 26), $172, Elvi

Can't decide on a color for your faux fur? Get all of them at once with this out-there patchwork design.

12. Hooded Faux Fur

Hooded Faux Fur Coat (Available to 3x), $378, Nordstrom

Keep warm against the elements in this cuddly hooded coat, all while looking like the most luxurious polar bear ever.

13. Cropped Black Faux Fur

Cropped Black Faux Fur Jacket (Available to Size 30), $69, Yours Clothing

What's more classic than a black fur jacket? It's a must for every coat closet.

14. Ombre Faux Fur

Ombre Faux Fur Coat (Available to 6x), $84, Torrid

Or give the black fur look a little more edge with this dip dye number.

15. Gray Yeti Faux Fur

Gray Yeti Faux Fur Coat (Available to Size 24), $110, asos

The longer type of fur on this coat will make you stand out and keep you warm.

16. Leopard Faux Fur

Leopard Faux Fur Coat (Available to Size 28), $125, Simplybe

The leopard print coat is a must for any glamorous, tacky loving plus size babe.

17. Two Tone Faux Fur

Two Tone Faux Fur Coat (Available to Size 24), $140, Eloquii

This mainly gray number is the perfect addition to anyone's all black everything wardrobe — why not break it up a little with your coat?

18. Beige Faux Fur

Beige Faux Fur Coat (Available to Size 24), $105, ASOS

Another stunning option for anyone looking for a lighter shade of fur this season.

19. Red Faux Fur

Red Faux Fur Coat (Available to Size 22), $100, Simplybe

A bright color faux fur that is perfect for anyone looking to stand out.

With a huge array of faux furs to choose from, the task of picking just one is going to be really hard. Although you can always just embrace your inner diva and buy them all.

Images: Courtesy Brands