The KFC Pumpkin Chicken Wrap Is Proof That There Is Nothing We Cannot Pumpkinify

If you thought that the Double Down Dog would be the weirdest food marketed by KFC, you thought wrong. With fall upon us here in the United States, our friend Australia decided to mix things up by offering KFC pumpkin chicken wraps to hungry customers. The delicious looking item is causing quite a stir online, with people hoping to get a good look.

Pumpkin-flavored foods are not strangers to the fall season here in America. Ever since the Pumpkin Spice Latte became a seasonal favorite for Starbucks, other companies have followed suit. If you live in Southern California or any other place that doesn't truly have seasons, you know that any bit of fall that you can get is welcome. I'm sure people would appreciate the creative endeavor that is The Pumpkin & Feta Twister.

According to the official Kentucky Friend Chicken website, this new creation is "roasted pumpkin, crumbled feta, lettuce and smoky chipotle mayo all wrapped up in a warm tortilla". Sounds pretty delicious. I would have assumed that the tortilla the chicken was wrapped in would be pumpkin-based, but alas, you get actual pumpkin chunks instead. Not too shabby! If anything this might be a healthier alternative to the Baconator. Unfortunately this item is only available in Australia, so it would be a pretty long trip for a bite. But don't fret, if enough people want The Pumpkin & Feta Twister in the United States, it will happen. Business is nothing but a predictable game of supply and demand.

It looks pretty mouthwatering. People are starting to get on board with the shocking trend.

If you want to see what this item tastes like but don't have the resources to fly yourself all the way to Australia, people are posting review videos that might just be what you're looking for!

GoJoMedia Geoff on YouTube

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Images: KFC