Here's Where To Buy Disney x Lazy Oaf

The Disney x Lazy Oaf Collaboration is officially the collection of our childhood (and, let's be honest, our adult) dreams. It's full of fashion-forward gear inspired by some of our absolute favorite characters, including Mickey, Cinderella, and all 101 of the dalmatians. Wondering where to buy Disney x Lazy Oaf?

The first round of items from the collection is on sale now at There's a Duchess the Cat (from Aristocats) t-shirt, hat and jacket, and a Cinderella dress and sweatshirt. The next installment of the line launches online on Oct. 27, and the last of it goes live on Nov. 3, when you'll be able to browse the full selection. The rest of the collection includes a Mickey Mouse dress, shirt and pinafore, a Minnie Mouse chambray button down and a Cruella Deville inspired coat (don't worry, it's not made from actual dalmatian fur).

As of Thursday, the items were still available, but I have a feeling they won't be around for long. Considering how much everyone loves Disney movies, clothes and makeup, it's really only a matter of time before everything is sold out. Luckily, London-based brand Lazy Oaf has tons of other adorable clothing and accessories on their site, so even if you miss out on the Disney stuff I have a feeling you'll be able to find something amazing.

Everything in the collection is not just fan friendly, it actually all happens to be tres chic too. I mean, those pockets?! That unfinished hem?!

You can also layer the pieces and wear them together, like this model has done in the Cinderella Sweatshirt and Duchess Denim Jacket.

And the best part of all? All of the pieces look crazy comfortable, like this cozy sweaterdress. Fashion, function and fandom? Yeah, this stuff won't be around for long.

Images: LazyOaf/Instagram; Courtesy of Lazy Oaf