Last-Minute 'Rocky Horror Picture Show' Halloween Costumes Will Help You Time Warp In Style

Still unsure what you want to be for your Halloween party this year? Sometimes, the most creative costumes come from digging through your closet at the last minute and ordering a few pieces online that will complete your look. Thursday, Fox is airing the new Rocky Horror Picture Show, whose costumes could save Halloween if you're a big time procrastinator.

By the very nature of Rocky Horror, these characters have been Halloween standards for decades. You can buy them in the store pre-made, but that's no fun! With the new Fox television remake, this year you can put a modern spin on the iconic characters. Broadway legend William Ivey Long designed the costumes this time around he has incorporated the original film and stage productions without simple copying what came before.

Not only are the new costumes pretty stunning, but they make for great last minute and occasionally DIY costume inspiration. Hopefully, this will help you distinguish yourself from all of the Barbs, Harambes, and Pokemon Go costumes that you're bound to see out in 2016. Here are a handful of the main characters and how to throw together a simple, stress-free costume just in time for October 31.


Lacey White Bra, $12, Amazon | Short Half Slip, $13, Amazon

If you're running out of time and either don't want to shop for modest blue suits, or don't want to be confused for Hillary Clinton on the big night, it might be best to go for Janet's lingerie look. Simple, lacey white bras and short half-slips are easy enough to find. I know slips aren't commonplace anymore, but it's the kind of clothing item that can't hurt to have around.

As for accessories, thanks to Ms. Jackson, "Janet" necklaces on Amazon – but you can also have a gold necklace custom made with the character's name or your own name. Then, top it off with a lab coat and you're ready to go!


Vintage Clear Glasses, $7, Amazon | Blue Bowtie, $18, Amazon | Mens Boxer Briefs, $8, Amazon

To transform into Rocky Horror's lovable square hero, make sure you head to Amazon and grab these vintage clear sunglasses, as well as a blue bowtie and cummerbund. Whatever simple shirt, blazer, and slacks you have or can borrow should complete the look. Or, ditch the formal wear, get a pack of men's briefs on Amazon and just go out in the glasses and a lab coat like Janet's.

Dr. Frank-N-Furter

Red Bodysuit, $14, Amazon | Costume Red Hair Spray, $5, Amazon | Studded Collar, $10, Amazon | White Distressed Net Pantyhose, $8, Amazon | Fingerless Red Gloves, $3, Amazon

For Laverne Cox's character, start basic with a red bodysuit and red costume hairspray, which you can get on Amazon. If you can handle chokers, get a studded collar while you're at it. The Transylvanian leader's tights are more spider-y and distressed than regular fishnets, and Leg Avenue has something close. Finally, for texting practicality, I would go with these fingerless red gloves, and you're ready to slay!


Hair Chalk Pens, $13, Amazon | Black Satin Corset, $15, Amazon | Rocky Horror Lips Necklace, $25, Amazon | Shiny Purple Tulle Spool, $5, Amazon

First you're going to need pink, purple, and orange hair chalk pens from Amazon to get this very good ombré look for the evening. If Halloween isn't an excuse to wear a black corset, which you can get on Amazon as well, then I don't know what is. However, any band shirt or tank that you have lying around will do. Since Fox's Columbia has the Rocky Horror lips on everything, add a necklace. On a chillier night, this sweater from Forever 21 might kill multiple stones.

Then, instead of spending all your money on a tutu that you'll never wear again — just buy some purple tulle from a craft store (which would be a tad cheaper if you can get to one), or throw a roll into your Amazon order. Columbia's look is DIY anyway, so cut and tie strips of tulle onto a ribbon, or just attach them to the belt loops of your comfiest pair of skinny jeans or denim shorts.


French Maid Costume, $17, Party City | Pink Hairspray, $5, Amazon | Black Feather Duster, $9, Amazon

Since Magenta is basically wearing a sexy maid costume that you can get at Party City already, you're going to need that pink hairspray that's on Amazon (or a wig if you have time) to stand out. Maybe add some shoulder pads if you're feeling ambitious. While you're on Amazon, grab a black feather duster, and you're done.

Riff Raff

Goth Face Makeup, $9, Amazon | Candle Stick Holder, $14, Amazon

Transylvania's host doesn't get much Vitamin D, so make sure to get goth face makeup on Amazon. A hair chalk set that includes black and white, also on Amazon, will help you achieve Riff Raff's streaky style. A candlestick holder will help you lead the way. Then, just play with pinstripes, and a skinny scarf if you have one. Forever 21 has a pinstripe shirt that has a loose look that Riff Raff would love. Hot Topic has a great ensemble as part of their Jack Skellington collection with pants. Just stick to the greyscale, and you should be golden.


Full Gold Lame Shorts, $17, Amazon | Gold Basketball Shorts, $12, Amazon | Gold Lame Dance Tank Top, $18, Amazon

Speaking of, if you want to go full gold lame shorts, by all means be my guest. However, Amazon has gold basketball shorts which are more appropriate for the Fox film— and you can't beat that. If you require a top to match, there are gold lame dance tanks on Amazon as well. Now, all you need to do is smile! The most important thing about Rocky is that he's super confident, making this one of the easiest costumes to do last minute. Then again, they're all pretty simple, and Rocky Horror would make for an excellent last-minute group costume or party theme if you really want to rally. Or do the time warp yourself, it's up to you!

Images: Miranda Penn Turin/FOX; Amazon, Hot Topic, Forever 21