Kevin Spacey's Going to Play Winston Churchill, Can't Get Enough of Politics

Much like the supposed show bug — the metaphorical bite of which will turn you into an actor almost immediately — so too is there a political bug, and it seems as though Kevin Spacey has suffered from both. The House of Cards actor has apparently signed on to star as another influential world leader. That's right, Kevin Spacey will play Winston Churchill in Captain of the Gate biopic. We're sure Frank Underwood would have some sort of opinion on this.

For all you younger types (or just those that refused to pay attention during world history), Churchill is arguably one of the most prolific political figures of the modern age, if not of all time. Regardless of your opinion on his methods, the former prime minister of the United Kingdom was widely regarded as a wartime leader of the highest pedigree during his two stints in office (1940 - 1945 and again in 1951 - 1955). During his life he managed to not only help steer the course of the second World War, but he also won the Nobel Prize in Literature for his work as an author/historian/artist. In fact, many consider Churchill to be the most influential man in British history — heck, the U.S. even made him an honorary citizen, the first person to ever receive such a designation.

Considering all the delicious hatred that surrounds Spacey's other political iteration, Frank Underwood, it's not too surprising that he'd prefer to take a turn as one of the most beloved world leaders in the history of time. Either way, it's probably safe to say that Spacey's sort of owning the "larger than life political figures" actor beat. Or at least trying to photoshop himself into their good graces.