Twitter Reacts To ColourPop x Hello Kitty Because People Cannot Contain Their Excitement

If you were in love with Hello Kitty as a kid, you will fall totally head over heels for ColourPop's newest makeup collaboration. On Nov. 1 ColourPop's Hello Kitty collection will hit the web, and that announcement is stirring up a lot of excitement among fans of both the makeup brand and the iconic cat.

The L.A. based cosmetics brand teamed up with Sanrio to create a very colorful Hello Kitty-inspired makeup collection featuring a plethora for brightly colored products, including eyeshadow, blush, highlighter, ColourPop's signature ultra matte lippie and a limited edition makeup bag, all in super cute Hello Kitty packaging. This is ColourPop's most expansive collection yet, and products will cost between $5 and $42.

Naturally, people were very, very excited to hear about the ColourPop x Hello Kitty partnership, because who doesn't want pretty makeup in adorable packaging? Not to mention this will be significantly better than the Hello Kitty "makeup" you got as a child (I use quotation marks because I'm not sure any of those weird pots of sticky glitter from my childhood can truly count as makeup).

I'm already excited to see the beauty looks people will start putting together with this new collection, because there are a lot of excited people out there, especially on Twitter.

The Hello Kitty x ColourPop collab may make us all go broke, but it's probably worth it.


I like her enthusiasm.

What a great anniversary gift.

And then there is just pure, unadulterated excitement.

Nov. 1 is only days away, so mark your calendars!

Image: ColourPop Cosmetics