Alex May Be In More Trouble On 'Grey's'

Alex Karev ended Season 12 of Grey’s Anatomy severely assaulting intern Deluca, and in Season 13 of Grey's Anatomy , Alex is paying the consequences for his action. He’s been arrested and charged with felony assault, and while he’s awaiting trial, he’s been stripped of his surgical privileges and is working in the Denny Duquette Memory Clinic (that’s probably the worst part for him, considering his history with Izzy and Denny’s relationship). Bailey, who is Chief of Surgery now, really stuck her neck out to let him stay on staff in any capacity, especially because the assault involved another employee of her hospital, but there’s more trouble ahead for them both — Catherine Avery wants Alex fired on Grey’s Anatomy , and she’s not the kind of person who takes “no” for an answer.

Catherine, who is also Jackson’s mama, is a big-time investor in Grey Sloan, so even though Bailey is technically the boss, Catherine is the bigger boss. In the previews for the upcoming episode, Catherine talks a lot about how she doesn’t want Alex in her hospital anymore, and that he needs to be fired. Is this the end of the line for Alex Karev? I haven’t read anything about Justin Chamber leaving Grey’s Anatomy, so I hope this storyline is a farce, a beautiful red herring in Shondaland.

But it might not be — Alex did commit a very, very serious crime. Even though Deluca’s beautiful, chiseled face is fixed and just fine, it doesn’t mean that Alex shouldn’t face some sort of actual consequences. Unfortunately, I’m not sure that even the combination of Bailey and Robbins and Meredith (who have stake in Grey Sloan) can save Alex’s long running behind. He did the crime, and he’ll probably have to do the time, in whatever way it manifests itself.

Images: Richard Cartwright/ABC; Giphy