Wes May Know Too Much On 'HTGAWM'

All season long, How To Get Away With Murder has been teasing the death of one of Annalise’s disciples. Each week, a name has gotten knocked off the list (Laurel was found alive in the house, and I hope she stays that way), and finally, we’ve gotten a big clue — a television broadcast that said, “unidentified male found in Keating house”. The dead man in Annalise’s house is Connor, Frank, Wes, or Asher, and I have my own theories. Will Wes die on How To Get Away With Murder?

Wes has been Annalise’ pet project since the beginning of the show because Annalise knew Wes’ dead mother, and, come to think of it, his dead father. Annalise is basically responsible for Wes getting into her class, but Annalise has the propensity to turn on everyone. At this stage in the game, I think that Wes knows most of Annalise’s secrets, and now, thanks to Laurel, Wes knows that Annalise hired a hit man to kill Frank. Bonnie may have gotten back on Annalise’s good side (she spilled the beans, too), but Annalise may have decided that it was easier to get rid of Laurel and Wes than try and prove their loyalty. Laurel is in the hospital, but she’s touch and go (and pregnant, which is a whole other matter). Bonnie was in the hospital with Laurel the night of the explosion and said something to someone on the phone about “taking care of it.” Was it Annalise covering her tracks?

Annalise certainly isn’t above blowing up her house to kill people she thinks will harm her or blow her cover. In a preview for the next episode, Annalise said that she’ll “chain [Wes] up in the basement]” if she has to. Does that mean she’ll commit arson, too? Honestly, probably. If Annalise had her way, Wes could be the unidentified male found in her house.

Images: Nicole Wilder/ABC; Giphy