What 100 People Look Like When They Orgasm

When it comes to what an orgasm looks like, we all probably imagine it's a lot sexier than it is in reality. You know those porn orgasm faces, with the perfect backward tilt, a lip bite, and just a touch of heaving bosom? Yeah, nobody actually looks like that. So what do real people look like when they're orgasming? We don't always have time to pay attention to what our partner's orgasm face actually looks like, because we're, well, busy with other things.

But now you can see orgasm faces without all the effort of actually having sex. The lovely folks at WatchCut video asked 100 people to show their orgasm faces and the results are incredible... and hilarious. I mean, it's more people's impersonations of their own O faces — they're not actually orgasming on camera, although you can find that online too and it's amazing. But it's great to see how much people are willing to make fun of themselves, because we all look sort of ridiculous when we orgasm. Whether you scrunch your nose, furrow your eyes, or sneeze with a power of a thousand suns.

It's worth watching the whole video for nearly two minutes of non-stop orgasm fun. You can see it here. But here are my favorites, because orgasm faces really do come in all shapes and sizes:

This Eruption Of Pure Joy

I mean, how happy does she look? She's borderline giggling.

This Angelic Song Of Pleasure

He literally looks like he's singing in a heavenly choir right now.

So Sexy She's Terrified

This is what happens when you masturbate while watching a horror film.

This Pop Belter

He's midway through a pop ballad, and I'm gonna let him finish.

The World's Biggest Smile

She just looks so damn joyful.

This Contemplative Moment

I have never looked that relaxed during an orgasm in my life. I look more like I am angry but also hungry.

This Mischievous Glee

He looks like he's laughing at doing something wrong, but we know it's so, so right.

This Unbelievable Happiness

There's a definitely glint in his eye.

And This Double Trouble

Two men. One set of features. Two different orgasm faces. And I love them both.

Images: WatchCut Video/YouTube