You Have To See These "O" Faces In Slow Motion

One of the biggest differences between porn and real life is the orgasm faces. Because let's be real, your orgasm face is weird. I'll be the first one to hold my hand up and say: my orgasm face is ugly AF. And maybe a little angry. Or aggressive? In any case, it's definitely not cute. But you know what, I don't know many people's who are— unless they're sitting on some tousled hair, lip biting, throne of lies. That's why I think that these folks who volunteered to have their orgasm faces filmed and played in slow motion on the internet are some of the bravest souls around.

The video, posted on YouTube by user wickydkewl, shows different people hitting the big O for real. And, while I wouldn't say the experience is arousing, it's definitely intimate. And mildly uncomfortable, but in a super cool way. You're a total voyeur into something that's normally really private. I mean, even the people you've had sex with haven't seen your O face on camera. When they've seen it, they've probably been busy and feeling all of the same things as well. So seeing just an orgasm, completely out of context, is pretty incredible.

You can see the whole video here and, although it doesn't have anything explicit, I wouldn't exactly call it SFW:

There's This Face We All Recognize

This looks like half of all the men I've slept with.

And This Guy

... who looks like the other half.

This Serene Dude

I have literally never seen anyone so chill having an orgasm in my life. Except for the occasional lick-lip, he just seems so at ease with everything.

This Porn Star

OK, not an actual porn star, but I think she definitely had the most porn-y orgasm of them all. Not a criticism— they're all cool by me— but just an observation.

All Of The Eye Contact

This guy, who managed to maintain some real uncomfortable eye contact with the camera all the way...

Until The Very End

Nope, he lost it. But it was a good effort.

This Enlightening Experience

This woman legit looks like she 1) has seen the face of god, 2) is in a sex opera, or 3) both of those things. Either way I'm loving it and her purple lipstick.

And The Sweat

Quite a few of the participants were drenched in sweat by the end, which I actually really liked because sometimes masturbating definitely feels like a work out. Funny faces, sweat — real orgasms happen, people. And they're amazing. Let's get on board with them.

Images: wickydkewl/YouTube