Is The Illuminate By Ashley Brush Set Sold Out? The Second Round Is Here, But Not For Long

The moment beauty lovers have been waiting for is finally here. Well, the second most important date, that is. The Illuminate By Ashley Tisdale Brush Set is finally back in stock. It's time to get excited, because the affordable eight-piece set can once again be yours. It won't be long before this gorgeous group of tools is gone though, so I'd get to shopping while you still have the chance.

Ashley Tisdale's makeup line with BH Cosmetics covers everything from eyeshadow palettes to lip gloss. She's got tons of different colors and beauty options to choose from, and now she's got the tools to go with it. If you missed out on the blue and gold colored brush set the first time around, you're not the only one. The set sold out extremely quickly, but now they're back on the Illuminate by Ashley site.

Part of the reason why they sell so fast is because of the price tag. The collection includes eight different brushes. There are eye brushes for blending, shadow, smudging, and liner as well as blending, powder, contour, and blush brushes for the face. You'll get all that for only $15, which is pretty darn affordable. The price is the same the second time around, so there's no doubt in my mind that they'll sell just as fast.

As of Oct. 21 at 1pm EST, the brush set is still in stock. There's no word yet on whether this will be the last time the site has them available or if there are more restocks to come. Tisdale has hinted on social media that there will be a Illuminate Holiday Palette coming soon, so if there is another restock, it probably won't be for a while.

According to the site, the brushes are all two-toned, synthetic hairs. That also makes them cruelty free. This is one beauty buy that you won't have to feel guilty about. There's a limit of five sets per person this time around as well. Hopefully that means that they'll be in stock a little longer.

So what are you waiting for? Go grab one of these sets while it's still around!

Images: ashleytisdale/Instagram (1)