Kanye’s Birthday Video For Kim Is A Tear-Jerker

by Kristie Rohwedder

If you can get through the video Kanye West tweeted on Kim Kardashian’s 36th birthday without hitting the pause button one minute in because you have to scramble on over to the kitchen for multiple tissues (is there anything more glamorous than your eyes and nose running at the same time?), then I guess you are not me. On Friday, West tweeted a beyond sweet five-and-a-half-minute montage of old Kardashian family home movie clips to celebrate his wife's day of birth. And as far as homemade gifts go, this one should feel free to go ahead and take the cake. Because this gift deserves it.

Have you ever watched something that was so beautiful and touching and heartfelt that you thought your face might crumple in on itself? Because that is precisely how I felt the first time I saw the video Yeezy made for Kim. Not to be a total sap-opotamus (oops too late), but this mashup of Kardashian Family Greatest Hits really gave my tear ducts a workout.

That scene where Rob rats on Kim about a tennis camp boyfriend? The Thanksgiving dinner scene? All of the scenes with their grandmother? The Easter egg hunt? All of the scenes with Robert Kardashian? The snow parka fashion show? All of the pajama sets? My heartstrings can't take it, Ye.

I mean, he set it to "Only One," for Yeezus's sake. My. Heartstrings. Can't. Take. It.