The Perfect Places To Read In Autumn

For book lovers, there simply isn't a better season than fall. Why, you ask? Well, for one thing, weather is optimal reading temperature, perfect for reading outdoors and even indoors near an open window. There are constant bookmarks falling from the skies — orange, red, and yellow leaves. Apple cider and pumpkin spice drinks can be found around every corner. And you can't forget to pick up a cinnamon or cedar cented candle to accompany you on a long day of reading.

On top of the amazing new books being released this fall, there's a pile of books that take place during fall that have probably been waiting for you on your TBR list. For me, this season has already supplied a few brand new favorite stories, and I want to soak up as much outdoor reading time as possible before the inevitable winter sneaks in.

So grab your fluffiest blankets, your coziest sweaters, and your favorite fall flavored drink and head outdoors. There are some fantastic places to crack open a new book whether you live in the city, countryside or somewhere in-between, and here they are:

1. Under A Tree In Your Local Park

If you're a book lover, then you know how important having a dedicated reading tree is. Just as Rory Gilmore showed us once upon a time, finding that perfect tree to read under, especially during the changing seasons, is honestly one of the most gratifying feelings. So go take a walk with a blanket to your nearest park, scope out a good tree, and spend a few hours soaking up the crisp air and falling leaves.

2. A Big Window In A Library

If you'd rather stay indoors, there's no better place to read than surrounded by walls and walls of bookshelves. Libraries are bound to have multiple cozy spots to read, and they almost always have a few big windows that'll give you a great view of the yellow, red, and orange trees.

3. In A Big Leaf Pile

Fulfill your childish dream by raking up a big pile of leaves (playing in them first, of course) and then bring out a sheet or blanket to cosy up on. You'll be surrounded by one of the best parts of the season and totally content with a new book in hand.

4. On A Rooftop Or Patio With A View

If you live in the city and coming by parks without a million kids running around or don't have a yard to rake leaves in, don't worry. You might have a rooftop hangout at your apartment building, or you have a little patio that looks out on a long, tree lined street. So get out there with a cup of coffee and enjoy the experience!

5. Near A Lake or River

After growing up near countryside and moving to the city, I can't help but miss the gorgeous views of the changing leaves near a zig-zagged river or calm lake. So if you have the means to get to a body of water surrounded by trees, do so immediately and bring as many books as you possibly can.

6. In A Comfy Chair Next To An Opened Window

Sometimes all you need is a large fuzzy blanket and your comfiest chair or couch. Crack a window and let the autumn chill help you flip the pages to a beautiful book.

7. At Your Favorite Cafe In Your Favorite Sweater

Can you go wrong with reading at a cafe any time of the year? The answer is no, no you can't. But there's something about wearing your favorite sweater (no jacket needed yet) and plopping down in chair at a quiet cafe and reading the day away. Plus, there's bound to be a warm drink in your hand at that point. Speaking of drinks...

8. Anywhere With Hot Apple Cider or A Pumpkin Spice Latte (Or Butterbeer?)

Honestly, as long as you've got a book in one hand and a fall themed drink in the other, you can read anywhere and it'll be the best reading experience ever. (Here are some handy recipes!)

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