Can You Buy Too Faced Pins? These Are The Cutest Accessories Around

This brand has been keeping me in a constant state of excitement. If they’re not hinting at their upcoming Sweet Peach product launch or new lip shades, they’re posting photos of the most adorable Too Faced clothing and accessories. So, if you take a peek at their Instagram — try not to squeal! Can you buy Too Faced pins? Their latest tease has me practically jumping up and down.

The brand recently gave us a sneak peek at an upcoming Too Faced X Skinnydip London collaboration. The picture showcased a makeup pouch that’s cute enough to carry around as a clutch. And just a couple of days prior to that, the Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of the brand showed off a denim jacket with the words “Too Faced” embroidered on the back which could very well be apart of an upcoming collaboration, too. And what else would you wear with Too Faced denim pieces? Too Faced Pins, of course.

As if the jacket wasn't great enough, the cosmetics company took it a step farther and posted a photo of the denim jacket covered in Too Faced pins. So, will those also be available for purchase? There’s no official word just yet, but the Skinnydip brand does create bags, cell phone cases and pins, and since the two have teamed up maybe, just maybe we’ll be able to wear the Too Faced logo everywhere we go!

I would put these on anything and everything I own.

I mean, I can't think of anything better to pair with a Too Faced jacket, after all.

Can you imagine how glam the pin and denim combo would be?

Come on Too Faced X Skinnydip, make my dreams come true!

These two are a match made in heaven. So, I know I'm going to love whatever it is they create.

Sassy pin designs like this is definitely in line with the Skinnydip brand. My fingers are crossed, and I'm hoping to see these accessories become available for purchase soon. Because seriously, how amazing would that be?

Image: toofaced/Instagram (1)