Shock Jock Alleges Jay-Z's Not the Age He Claims In Weirdest Conspiracy Of the Day

Jay-Z's got a pretty bangin' life: Married to one of the biggest stars in the universe (her name is Beyonce you might have heard of her), with a very adorable small child, friends with the Obamas, and himself also one of music's biggest stars. According to one shock jock, though, Jay-Z may be harboring a secret: That he's actually 50, and not the 44 he claims.

The "accusation" comes from Star: Live and Direct shock jock Troi "Star" Torain, who said on his show that he and Z are "age mates." Apparently that means that they are the same age, and not that they've sung "Age Of Aquarius" together, which is a bummer. And according to Torain, that would make Z 50.

The way things publicly stand right now, Z is 44, born in December of 1969. He has not yet responded to Torain's "allegations," likely because 1) it's probably a play for ratings, and 2) even if they're true they have absolutely no sizable impact on his truly aspirational life other than a few days of headlines about it. Even those, though, he could use as an excuse to call up his pal President Obama, who has tons of experience with people questioning things about his birth. Victims of birther conspiracy theories gotta stick together.