What's In The Hollister x Echosmith Sydney Sierota Capsule Collection? You Will Indulge Your Inner Rock Chick — PHOTOS

With the holidays on the horizon, you need to start planning ahead for party frocks that you can wear beyond the season. Hollister and Echosmith singer Sydney Sierota have teamed up for a capsule collection that's limited edition, party-ready, exclusive, and will allow you to indulge your inner rocker chick! Sierota even admitted that the inspo for the collection was "a lot of sparkles." You can't go wrong with that! The super cute collection will be available as of Friday, Oct. 28. What's in the Hollister x Sydney Sierota collection?

There's plenty of sparkly material!

According to the Hollister site, Sierota said, "I love glitter. I love sequins. I love anything that, when the light touches it, it's like, 'Whoa, what is she wearing?'" Judging from a cursory look at Sierota's Hollister pieces, she has captured that look and feeling.

The collection is mixable and matchable and there are plenty of dresses. Sierota also said, "I could wear this collection in so many different situations. I can wear this on stage... I could wear it to dinner with friends, or even on a date night."

So could you!

Ready for a sneak peek at the Hollister x Sydney Sierota capsule collection? Be prepared to be assaulted by adorable minidresses. All yourself the opportunity to drool. These pieces inspire that response.

The collection is so wearable.

Sierota is such a stylish and relatable source of inspo. Her look isn't too out there — she invites you to copy it IRL and you can with these pieces.

Because who doesn't want to sparkle as much as Edward Cullen?

Take a moment to mark your calendar for Oct. 28 so you can get a head start on shopping this cute collection. Your party style will be on point through New Year's Eve.

You will totally love playing dress up with this collection. Based on these screen grabs of the teasers on the Hollister site, there is a lot of sequins, glitter, shift silhouettes, and short hems.

Images: Sydney Sierota/Instagram (1); Courtesy of Hollister (4)