Taylor & Katy Both Partied With Drake

by Daniela Cabrera

Drake is known for many accomplishments in the music world and his love life with Rihanna is subject to a lot of rumors and speculation, but recently, Drake managed to do one of the most unthinkable things in the celeb world: bring Taylor Swift and Katy Perry together in the same room at his 30th birthday party. I know, it is shocking and I didn't see the possibility of this happening for a long time, since, well, these two women have had a very public falling out. Now, this certainly doesn't mean that Swift and Perry are BFFs now, but I wondered how they each could have known Drake, and all signs point to Rihanna.

Per TMZ, Drake celebrated his 30th birthday at Delilah in West Hollywood on Sunday night, and had a whos-who of celebrity guests, including Jamie Foxx, French Montana, Shay Mitchell, and John Mayer. Yes, Mayer, the once-rumored cause of the rift between Swift and Perry, was also at this party. It's interesting to note is that Rih was actually not in attendance at Drake's birthday and the New York Daily News reported that Rihanna was in NYC filming Ocean's 8.

As for those people who were in attendance, I imagine that all of these possible run-ins could have been so incredibly awkward, but it looked like all of the parties involved had a good time and managed to enjoy the party without any kind of confrontation.

It's been reported that Perry and Swift didn't hang out at the party. They were there for Drake, after all, but how do they even know him? It sure looks like Rihanna is a major key to Swift and Perry's connection to him, even if she wasn't around.

Rihanna and Perry have been long-time friends in the industry, but their relationship has also been subject to many rumors of makeups and breakups, particularly around the men in their lives. Rumors have swirled that Perry hated that Rih was friends with Mayer and that Perry was upset when Rih collaborated with Swift and Calvin Harris on "This Is What You Came For." But in the end, considering Rihanna and Drake's strong friendship over the years, I imagine that Perry has been friendly with him on more than one occasion.

As for Swift, she was notably revealed as the co-writer of Harris and Rih's aforementioned hit, which lead people to wonder if Rihanna and Swift were friends. While I also wouldn't count them as BFFs, the two women have worked together and have a mutual respect. Plus, they both have had tight relationships with Harris — Swift from dating him and collaborating on "This Is What You Came For," and Rihanna for working with him on multiple songs — so perhaps Rihanna introduced Drake and Swift. Aside from her connection to Rihanna, Swift seems to be a huge Drake fan herself and was probably super stoked to be hanging out at his birthday party, anyway.

While Swift and Perry might not be on the road to friendship anytime soon, it was cool to see the two out, enjoying themselves, and supporting another artist on his birthday, without making a big ordeal out of it.