How To Cure Rough Heels Without Having To Go Get A Pedicure

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"Never read the comments" might be a golden rule, but in the beauty world, the best finds often come via word of comment. So when I saw multiple sources swearing by this cure for rough heels, my interest was piqued — it's hardly anything in the scheme of things, but the feeling of rough heels scratching against sheets (or worse, someone else's skin) is not great. Horribly terrible, even.

A hop on the Googler confirmed my suspicions — the internet is swearing by an $8.95 tool for crazy soft heels sans pricy pedicure, with the Swedish Clover Foot File earning rave reviews from Amazon to Makeup Alley. The original comment that pointed me towards the Clover recommended using both sides while in the shower, following with moisturizer, and voila: baby soft heels (they also said they're going on 10 years with the same tool, so, mind blown).

Over on Makeup Alley, comments have compared it to the triple-dollar-signs-for-a-foot-tool Diamancel Diamond File For Foot Calluses #20, but at less than a third of the price. On Amazon, commenters have emphasized the Clover's durability as setting it apart from the rest (although to be fair, the foot file genre in general is well-loved.) (What a sentence.) Eighty percent of the reviews are five stars, so this tool is the first thing I'm ordering to prep for the long, dry wintertime ahead of us.

Flowery Swedish Clover Foot File, $8.95,

But if you'd rather the reassurance of Sephora's return policy, the Diamancel is equally revered, with almost 4000 loves on Sephora and 279 positive reviews. According to the brand, the "geometric diamond pattern expertly buffs away hard corns and calluses," leaving you with feet that won't snag or catch on fabric (truly the goal).

Diamancel Diamond File For Foot Calluses #20, $38,

And ordering toilet paper from Jet already? Tweezerman also has a good option, especially beloved by Anna over at The Anna Edit.

Tweezerman Soft Grip Foot File, $12,

Soft feet will soon be ours, another case closed by the internet. The next trick I plan to try out: Slathering my feet with Pond's Cold Cream, à la Makeup Alley suggestion. How'd I live before the internet? It was a rougher time, quite literally.

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