Why Half The Bridal Party Is Freaked In Viral Pic

Weddings are complicated affairs. You have to make sure everyone has a good time, keep checking that there is enough food for all, and (perhaps most importantly) remember to bring the rings. With a million things that could go wrong at any minute, it's truly amazing to see weddings actually taking place. That's what makes seeing Alabama-based photographer Leslie Hollingsworth's photos of a bridal party freaking out in a picture that much more impactful! Bustle has reached out to Hollingsworth for comment, and will update upon response.

As the bride and groom posed with their bridal party on the steps of their wedding venue, Leslie Hollingsworth set up the perfect shot. Everyone looked flawless. The gowns were pristine, the suits pressed. As she clicked the camera, she noticed that everyone's expression looked worried — some were even visibly distressed as they looked to her right. Why? Well, because a car almost ran Hollingsworth down! It seemed that the driver couldn't care less that the photographer was working or that there was a wedding going on. The post on Facebook with this picture shows that Leslie has a sense of humor about the whole thing:

The look on the bridesmaids' faces when a car almost runs me down.. But at least the bride and groom look happy!!!

Luckily, no one got hurt and everything worked out. The rest of the wedding went off without any more surprises. Still, that photo is pretty priceless. Everyone has wedding photos, but very few have "the wedding photographer almost got hit by a car" photos. If you're going for a unique wedding, this might just be the only way.

According to Leslie's website, she hasn't always thought about becoming a photographer. She attended the University of Alabama for fashion and marketing. "After many years of working in my field and feeling like all of my creativity was being bottled up, I stumbled upon something that I never in a million years would have thought could become a career," she writes.

It seems like she had an eye for catching rare moments in time, as evidenced by the above photo. Wedding photography seemed like the appropriate direction to go. Weddings allow Leslie to flex her creative muscles and capture moments of happiness between families all gathered together in celebration.

At the end of the day, this photo is part of a long legacy of things going a little wonky at weddings — pants ripping, cakes falling, and (womp) even brides being pushed into pools.

If you aren't engaged or about to get married, you can always pose with your college degree, or even with a box of pizza. The photos are yours to get creative with. Just look both ways before you cross the street!

Images: Giphy (1), Leslie Hollingsworth Photography