Anezka & Scott Might Bring Down Rafael On 'JTV'

Rafael claimed to have moved on from Jane in "Chapter 46" of Jane the Virgin (. . . we'll see about that) and another character also seemed to have gotten over an unrequited romance in this episode. Although Anezka had been previously smitten with Rafael, she slept with Scott on Jane the Virgin during the Oct. 24 episode. While Petra would have never had sex with the weaselly Marbella employee who had blackmailed her in Season 2, Anezka disguised as Petra went for it to keep him from telling Rafael that she was spying on him. The surprising part was that they both seemed to really be into each other and by the end of the episode, Scott promised Anezka (who he thinks is Petra) that he'll help her bring down Rafael.

While I do think that Anezka is probably being genuine about her feelings for Scott (but hey, she did trick me in the Season 2 finale), I don't necessarily think that Scott is being true about his feelings for Anezka/Petra. Yet, what I can believe is that he wouldn't hesitate for a second to get ahead by revealing information about Rafael — he was the source for the article The Curse of the Solanos after all. So regardless if he is playing Anezka or not, he certainly will help her uncover Rafael's secrets. And even if he does end up manipulating Anezka, I'm hoping that he has no clue that she's not actually Petra so that she can have the ultimate upper hand. Because while Anezka is currently no saint, I'd choose Team Anezka over Team Scott any day.

Although it seems like there couldn't possibly be any additional dirt on Rafael than there already has been over the first two seasons, we'll have to wait and see if Scott manages to dig anything up in Season 3. In the meantime, I'm hoping that Anezka's new love affair will distract her from keeping Petra immobilized because that would put an end to all of this new couple's scheming.

Image: Scott Everett White/The CW