Louis C.K.'s 'Saturday Night Live' Promo Reveals Who the 'Louie' Star Really Is — VIDEO

Louis C.K. first came on my radar as Dave Sanderson, Leslie Knope's wonderful and adorkable Parks and Recreation Season 2 boyfriend (who I promptly forgot as soon as Ben Wyatt came on the scene). Of course, that's far from the comedian's only credit — Louis C.K. has found fame as an actor, writer, screenwriter, and a comedian during his illustrious career. And, if his SNL promo with Kenan Thompson is any indication, his upcoming appearance as March 29's host is going to show fans a mix of his talents.

We've been looking forward to Louis C.K.'s appearance for more reasons than one, but the promo gives us all new reasons to expect comedy gold: Turns out C.K. is just a hilarious persona put on by bayou-raised and gun-loving southerner. (Thompson, on the other hand, just so happens to be a polite, demure Brit.)

Okay, not really. That was just one of the hilarious sketches that Thompson and Louis C.K. acted out to whet our appetite for the upcoming show. Another memorable moment of the promo? A conversation about "lots of weed" that segues naturally into cheeseburger chatter. Just watch it — trust us.

Between the Louie star, musical guest Sam Smith, and the intriguing idea that Louis C.K. is actually a person playing a comedian who will be playing a number of characters throughout various SNL sketches, could March 29 come any faster? Just try not to be drinking anything when the show comes on if you don't want to short circuit your television.

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