10 Roald Dahl Mugs As Good As A Golden Ticket

From Matilda to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to The Witches to James and the Giant Peach, Roald Dahl's strange tales of scrappy protagonists beating the odds and going on eccentric adventures were always some of my favorites on the shelf. If you're a fan like me, you probably look for places to show off your love — whether through Roald Dahl quotes, or maybe even by sipping your coffee or tea in a Roald Dahl mug.

Roald Dahl’s books aren’t just for children. As C.S. Lewis once said: “A children's story that can only be enjoyed by children is not a good children's story in the slightest.” This definitely holds true for Roald Dahl’s books (as well as the film adaptations, from the Gene Wilder Willy Wonka to Wes Anderson’s unique take on Fantastic Mr. Fox). Not only do his novels withstand the test of time for kids, they are more than enjoyable for adults as well. I encourage you to go back and read them, and you won’t be disappointed. If you are a fan of Roald Dahl’s books, here are some mugs that are finds (almost) as good as those precious golden tickets.

1. Willy Wonka Mug

No, it's not an edible mug, but that means you get to use it over and over again, so there's a plus side here. Live happily ever after — just like Charlie in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory — with this colorful Willy Wonka mug.

Willy Wonka Mug, $15, JitterMug on Etsy

2. The Twits Mug

Not only does this mug feature the wicked Twits, it can also be personalized with your name underneath the illustration. Need I say more?

The Twits Mug, $10.04, PrintsmadewithLOVE on Etsy

3. Giant Peach Mug

As it says in James and the Giant Peach, "there are a whole lot of things in this world of ours you haven't even started wondering about yet." Get started on wondering while sipping some tea from this beautiful giant peach mug.

James and the Giant Peach Mug, $15.71, Redbubble

4. The Fantastic Mr. Fox Mug

This Fantastic Mr. Fox mug features an illustration and a quote, so you can start your day off with some coffee and the notion that being different is completely fantastic.

Fantastic Mr. Fox Mug, $17.50, GreyBunnyPaperie on Etsy

5. The Witches Mug

Beware the Grand High Witch — or, you know, buy a mug with her face on it. They're both good options.

The Witches Mug, $10.97, RoaldDahl.Com

6. Roald Dahl Mug Set

If you read every Roald Dahl book you can get your hands on, you'll love this mug set featuring illustrations from The Enormous Crocodile and The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me. They are a great ode to some of Dahl's lesser-known (but still great) works.

The Enormous Crocodile and The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me Mug Set, $18.29, RoaldDahl.Com

7. Trunchbull Mug

There's no one quite like the Trunchbull, as evidenced by this Matilda-inspired mug complete decorated with a particularly evil Trunchbull quote. Sip some coffee from it while you think about the terrifying Chokey.

Trunchbull Mug, $8.74, PrintsmadewithLOVE on Etsy

8. Matilda Quote Mug

This Roald Dahl-inspired mug is decorated with an inspiring quote from Matilda: "Never do anything by halves if you want to get away with it. Be outrageous. Go the whole hog. Make sure everything you do is so completely crazy it's unbelievable." Now that's a way to start your morning with some inspiration.

Matilda Quote Mug, $8.74, PrintsmadewithLOVE on Etsy

9. Wondering What To Read Next Mug

If you're always wondering what to read next, you're in good company with Matilda. This mug goes great with a book. Or perhaps a stack of books.

Wondering What To Read Next Mug, $13.99, Amazon

10. Golden Ticket Mug

Nothing really beats getting the golden ticket. With this mug, you can pretend that you were one of the lucky ones (hopefully Charlie) selected to visit Willy Wonka's famous chocolate factory. Whether you're drinking coffee or tea out of this mug, you've definitely got to pair it with some candy.

Golden Ticket Mug, $9.95, Cafe Press

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