This Netflix Hack Will Help You Find The Perfect Halloween TV Lineup

Every time I think I couldn't love Netflix more, they turn around and do something so thoughtful that my affection grows. For instance, take this new hack they've come up with, which is a guide of what Netflix shows to watch on Halloween and when. I mean, come on, Netflix. I've already agreed to marry you, you don't have to keep surprising me with these little trinkets you picked up because you were "just thinking of me." You're going so far above and beyond that I'm starting to worry I'm not bringing enough to this relationship. Sometimes I think, oh god, I don't deserve you.

And that feeling likely isn't going to go away anytime soon, because this "Pause and Effect" graphic that they've created is not only helpful, but incredibly informative. Basically, the data team over at Netflix took a look at the numbers and noticed a higher-than-normal rate of pausing on the night of Oct. 31, peaking at 7:29 p.m., because that's when people are hopping up to answer the door for trick-or-treaters every 5 seconds. No one wants to miss anything important in whatever they're watching. But this year, Netflix has your back with a step-by-step guide of what you should watch every hour. As explained in their press release,

Pausing and playing can be a real workout for the thumbs of Netflix members who stay on front-door duty to greet The Walking Dead on Halloween night. Fortunately, this year they can consult a guide to “Pause and Effect,” with suggestions for shows that are fast and fun like Fuller House to watch when the creepies are crawling and what Stranger Things to turn to after they’ve gone home.

Here's the ingenius graphic that will save your Halloween:

Wow, TV show-related puns and a graphic? You're too good to me, Netflix. You just know that I've seen Friends so many times that I don't mind missing moments for a doorbell ring or two. Putting the show on during peak candy time is genius, and I love you for it. In fact, just for that, I'm going spend all Halloween night with you and follow your schedule down to the minute, just to prove my love. I might even buy you something pretty, like a screen wipe or something.

Image: Warner Bros.; Netflix