Who Is DJ Khaled's Fiancee, Nicole Tuck? These New Parents Seem Great For Each Other

If you've caught wind of his snapchats over the last few days, you know DJ Khaled's fiancée, Nicole Tuck, far more intimately than you probably know most celebrity significant others. But, while we got a direct peek into Tuck's hospital room as she gave birth to her and DJ Khaled's new baby son, Asahd, we still didn't get to know much about her from the snaps. Other than, you know, that she was a total trooper and kicking ass in the birthing department, and that DJ Khaled was so very proud of and enamored with her. But, who is Nicole Tuck outside of her family life? Well, she's an extremely well-rounded person if her social media is any indication.

Not only is Tuck basically a superhero in that she remained cool, calm, and collected while being videoed giving birth to a real, live human, she seems just as zen in her every day life. Her Instagram tells a story of a person who has her priorities straight and knows what's most important in life: friends, family, love, and experiencing the world. It comes as no surprise that DJ Khaled refers to her as his "queen" because Tuck appears to have it all together.

She's Well Educated

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

According to International Business Times, Tuck's LinkedIn notes that she went to Marymount Manhattan College for undergrad and got a masters degree from Fordham University.

She's Charitable

Hope For Harvest on YouTube

Tuck constantly promotes charity events like that of Hope for Harvest, which is depicted in the video above, on her Instagram account.

She's An Animal Lover

Nothing like cat snuggles. Actually, nothing like a cat that actually lets you snuggle with it.

She Has A Fantastic Sense Of Humor

That is most definitely what he was conversing about with the dolphin.

She's Adventurous

She rides ATV's, rock climbs, and hangs out in a shark tank. No big deal. I can see how she was so chill while giving birth now.

She's All About Family

No doubt she's already a wonderful mom.

Obviously, for DJ Khaled, there is simply not, another one.