Rory & Jess’ Scene In The New 'Gilmore Girls' Trailer Means He’s Surely A Huge Part Of The Revival Plot

With just a month to go before its Netflix debut, the official Gilmore Girls trailer is finally here, which means we finally get a glimpse of all of our favorite characters back in action — including my favorite of Rory's guys. For just a brief moment, we get an actual look at Rory and Jess, having a real conversation as grownups. And while it may have only lasted a couple of seconds, the Rory and Jess scene from the Gilmore Girls trailer could mean that he serves a larger purpose in the reboot than just being one of her potential love interests.

In the trailer, Jess and Rory are sitting together in what appears to be an office, drinking what looks like whiskey (good choice!) and catching up. Rory's talking about how lost she feels in her life; she doesn't have a job and it seems like she's looking to Jess for advice. But when he reassures her that she's "still a contender," he's affirming he still believes in her, and it makes me feel like Jess' role in the reboot is going to be a lot like when he mysteriously reappeared in Rory's life when she dropped out of Yale and moved in with Richard and Emily.

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Back then, Rory was unsure of her future and what she wanted — as most of us are after we get arrested for stealing a yacht — and it looks like she's back in that place all over again in the revival. Who better to help her find herself again than Jess? Think about it: Without Jess as the catalyst, who knows if Rory would have gotten the wakeup call she needed to get her life back on track? At the time, he was able to remind her of her priorities, who she really is, and what she was working toward. And now, it seems like she needs that same kind of kickstart to get motivated again.

As much as it breaks my Rory/Jess 'shipping heart, from this short clip alone, it seems like Jess is back in Rory's life to help her figure out what she wants her future to look like. I want them to end up together so much, but maybe Jess is meant to be more of a Jiminy Cricket in her life... except way better looking and without the umbrella. He knew her when she was young, working for that acceptance letter to Harvard and dreaming of being a reporter someday. And now that they're adults, he's a pretty good person to help her get back to who she was — if that's where she wants to end up.

Of course, like I said, this is just a teeny, tiny moment out of what I hope are plenty that Rory and Jess will share in the revival. Anything could happen, and I'm so glad there are just a few weeks until we get to find out!

Image: Saeed Adyani/Netflix