Did Rory Get Fired In The 'Gilmore Girls' Revival? She's Definitely Facing A Career Change

On Tuesday, the moment we've all been waiting for finally happened: The official Gilmore Girls trailer dropped, and it answered so many questions I've had about our girls' futures. But something that caught me off guard was how lost Rory was in her career — or lack thereof. I mean, after Chilton, Yale, and working on Obama's presidential campaign, I just assumed she would be set up for lifelong success. But maybe not, because after seeing the new footage, it seems pretty clear that Rory is unemployed and trying to figure out where she wants to go from here. But did Rory get fired, or did she decide to pick a new career path?

OK, let's analyze the evidence. In the beginning of the trailer, Emily and Lorelai are talking about Rory's nomad existence, and we see clips of her traveling the world — just like she always wanted, and exactly what I imagined she'd be doing when we caught up with her in the revival. But then, she tells Jess she doesn't have a job, which confirms that she's not working. She's obviously unhappy and struggling and seems to be on the edge of making some big decisions, but unfortunately, nothing in the trailer explains exactly what might have happened to put her in that position.

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But being that people who love their job generally don't leave it voluntarily, it makes sense that Rory was either fired or decided she wanted to spend her life doing something else. Being that she's obviously much older in the revival, maybe living out of a suitcase isn't for her anymore. Everyone's dreams change as they get older and different things become important, so it wouldn't be too shocking if she decided she was finally ready to put down roots and needed to find something that was both fulfilling and allowed her to do that. It's a bummer that she hasn't figured her future out by now, but honestly, who has? Plus, a little conflict is what keeps things interesting.

So what will Rory do next? If you ask me, I think she should be a teacher, or maybe even a professor at Yale. As soon as I saw the earliest revival photos that showed Rory in the classroom, it seemed like she totally belonged there. It makes total sense — she's always loved school and learning, so why not pass that love down to the next generation?

No matter where Rory's story goes, I'm excited to see where she ends up... and there's only a month to go before we find out!

Image: Netflix