11 Times Ashley Tisdale & Christopher French Were The Cutest

Many Disney alumni, particularly those from High School Musical, are still wildly successful in their careers and thriving in their public and private lives. As a Vanessa Hudgens fan, I am always keeping an eye out on her enviable style and her adorable long-term relationship with fellow Disney kid, Austin Butler, but Hudgens is not the only HSM lady happy in love. In September 2014, her BFF Ashley Tisdale married musician Christopher French, who was relatively unknown. Since then, fans have seen a lot more of the couple, and they're super sweet.

When they first started dating in 2012, fans were on a mission to figure out who French was and how he got Tisdale to get engaged to him in eight months! As it turns out, sometimes true love really happens that quickly and, well, it also helps that French is an accomplished musician, who is very good-looking and seems to be head over heels in love with Tisdale.

On that note, here are some adorable Tisdale and French moments to celebrate a young Hollywood couple that is absolutely thriving.

1. When They Snapchat Filtered Together

This gives you an idea about the kind of cute, fun couple they are.

2. When They Sang To Each Other

I mean, do you see the look in their eyes while singing those lyrics?

3. When They Had The Most Gorgeous Wedding Photos

Love is real, y'all.

4. When They Went On A Tropical Vacation

Nothing better than being physically intertwined with your honey.

5. When They Goofed Around With Each Other At Home

Laughter makes the heart grow fonder.

6. When He Wrote The Perfect Caption

Excuse me while I get misty-eyed at "I'm gonna love you forever." D'aww!

7. When They Wore Matching Halloween Outfits

They surely look like they're in love.

8. When They Go To Events Together

Valerie Macon/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's always a bit better with your partner in crime by your side.

9. When They Showed Adorable PDA

Resisting the urge to snuggle in the middle of the street is tough when you're this in love.

10. When She Wrote Him A Perfect Birthday Caption

...and they match perfectly.

11. When They Goofed Around In The Studio

Ah, the perks of being married to a professional musician.

Looks like Tisdale and French are some of the lucky ones.