Pringles Introduces "Sugar Cookie" Flavor To Celebrate The Holidays, Joining Last Year's Round Of "Sweet Chips"

It's almost Halloween, which means it's pretty much Thanksgiving, which means it's basically Christmas; and Pringles is stepping up its game this holiday season with a brand new, limited time flavor. Pringles has introduced a new sugar cookie flavor for the holidays, becoming the latest in the brand's line of "sweet chips." They're doing us a favor, really — because now you can enjoy your appetizer and dessert all at once, effectively saving room for more food. It's a win-win. Other holiday sweet chip flavors this year include salted caramel and pecan pie, and previous years gave us white chocolate, milk chocolate, and tortilla cinnamon and sugar. Not only do they probably taste amazing, but the chip canisters are wearing sweaters. Sweaters.

Obvs, these flavors won't be around forever, and they're only at participating stores nationwide. Sugar cookie can be found exclusively at Walmart, and salted caramel and pecan pie are exclusively at Dollar General stores. Last year, Pringles shipped out their holiday chips mid-October; so they should be hitting shelves very soon, if they haven't already. I would wrestle an old lady to get my hands on a can of Sugar Cookie Pringles. You've been warned.

Observe the holiday sweet chips Pringles in all their adorable, sweater-y cuteness.

Pringles is no stranger to inventive flavors. Let us not forget some of their other memorable flavors, including Xtra Tangy Buffalo Wing, Cheeseburger, Screamin' Dill Pickle, Loaded Baked Potato, and Memphis BBQ. Not just any kind of BBQ. A Memphis BBQ. I myself am more of a plain Jane and prefer the original flavor. It doesn't come in a sweater can like the holiday flavors, but it does look rather dashing wearing my hoodie.

Pringles may have skipped out on the pumpkin spice madness of the fall season, but this surely makes up for it. Happy (early) Holidays, chip fanatics.

Images: asife/Fotolia; Megan Grant/Bustle