What’s In The Hailey Baldwin X Public Desire Collection? It's Filled With Fashionable Footwear

This model is definitely at home in a great pair of heels because, you know, it’s kind of her job to look incredible while strutting her stuff. But now that she’s taken a turn at designing shoes, the rest of us can master our runway walk, Hailey Baldwin-style. What’s in the Hailey Baldwin X Public Desire collection? It’s filled with must-haves.

The line includes strappy heels, thigh-high boots and everything in-between. These trendy pieces are made to be worn this season. Because it just doesn’t get better than velvet ankle booties now that the colder weather is here, you know? Plus, we’ve seen the likes of Kim Kardashian rocking Yeezy’s clear boots and heels, and Baldwin’s even incorporated some of those elements here. Because clearly, the girl's got her finger on the pulse of what's "in" these days.

There are 20 different styles to shop in the collection, and trust me, you’re going to want to add a pair (or four) of these to your closet immediately! The range is up for grabs on the Public Desire website now, so you know what to do. Head over there and get to shopping, girl. Your fall footwear game is about to get so much better, and you’ve got Baldwin to thank for it.

Say "hello" to the coolest shoes to enter your closet.

These heels are lust-worthy. And that's only just a tiny taste of what the collection has in store.

1. Long Boots

Tokyo Perspex Twist Heel Long Boots, $69.99, Public Desire

Pair these boots with a baggy sweater and a skirt, and you've got your cold weather look completely sorted.

2. Lace-Up Heel

Miami Lace Up Mesh Ankle Boots, $59.99, Public Desire

Wear these on their own or with a cute pair of socks and they'll be no stopping you this season.

3. Mesh Boots

New York Flared Perspex Heeled Mesh Boots, $59.99, Public Desire

You'll own the city streets in these mesh booties.

4. Velvet Ankle Boots

Monaco Pointed Toe Ankle Boots, $59.99, Public Desire

It just doesn't get more on-trend than this. Velvet is the fabric of the moment. So, you're basically required to get these on your feet, ASAP.

5. Strappy Heels

Rome Perspex Strap Lace Up Heels, $49.99, Public Desire

Kim K would definitely approve of these nude shoes. If Kardashian and Baldwin are loving this style, you can count me in, too!

6. Platform Ankle Boots

Berlin Platform Ankle Boots, $59.99, Public Desire

Combine platform boots with velvet material, and you've got yourself one totally trendy pair of retro shoes. Because there's nothing wrong with bringing back the '70s, you know?

7. Thigh-High Boots

Sydney Western Style Long Boots, $69.99, Public Desire

Thigh-highs with a little tie detail in the back? Now, it just doesn't get sexier than that!

Shop these pairs and more on at Public Desire now.

Images: publicdesire/Instagram (1); Courtesy Public Desire (7)