Millie Bobby Brown's 'Interview' Magazine Cover Proves She's The Coolest 12-Year-Old On The Planet — PHOTOS

Let's be honest: We all knew 12-year-old Millie Bobby Brown was cooler than us the minute she and her shaved head appeared on screen in the first episode of Stranger Things. Her coolness was further confirmed when she sat front row during New York Fashion Week with Chloë Grace Moretz and Emma Roberts wearing the coolest Coach ensemble we've ever seen, and now, she has reached a whole new level: Millie Bobby Brown is on the cover of Interview magazine. It's normal to be jealous of a middle schooler, right?

In the gorgeous (no, but like, gorgeous) black and white photo, Brown wears a studded leather vest and a choker that make her look like a straight up badass. Her shaved head has grown into somewhat of a faux hawk, which is seriously making me consider chopping off my own hair to be more like her. Inside, she looks equally as amazing wearing lots of leather, pins and hardcore jewelry whilst lounging in the woods.

As if the photoshoot itself wasn't enough, Brown was interviewed for the cover story by her BFF/former Dance Mom's star/Sia Muse Maddie Ziegler — another human who's too young to drive and already way cooler than I am. Even though the rest of us probably won't achieve the MBB level of awesomeness (or at least will have to settle for getting there after we've gone through puberty/graduated high school), we can steal her look from her Interview cover shoot with these three easy items.

Here's what you need:

1. Leather Moto Jacket

Biker Jacket, $49.99,

Not only does this type of jacket look chic AF on the cover of a major magazine, it also happens to be perfect for transitional fall weather. Score.

2. Black Choker

Lacy Ryan Black Stone Choker Necklace, $30,

In case you had any doubt, now that MBB is wearing one the choker trend is officially here to stay.

3. Lots & Lots Of Pins

Back To School Pin Pack, $30,

Since Stranger Things is an homage to all things '80s, this Back To The Future-inspired pin set is the perfect way to knock off Eleven's cover look. Pintrill happens to have hundreds of cool pin options on their website, so feel free to load 'em up and stick 'em on.

Images: InterviewMag/Instagram; Courtesy of Brands