Can H.R. Be Trusted On 'The Flash'? Wells' Earth-19 Doppelganger & Harry Don't Exactly Get Along

While The Flash is based in DC comics mythology, easily one of my favorite elements is the ever-changing roster of characters that Tom Cavanagh plays as Harrison Wells, or occasionally Eobard Thawne. Tuesday's episode introduced versions of Wells from four different Earths, but the new Harrison Wells on The Flash from Earth-19 is here to stay in Season 3. He wants to be called H.R. and I'm already wary of his intentions.

After Jesse's speedster training and testing was complete, Harry was ready to return to Earth-2 with his daughter, but Caitlin and Cisco weren't ready to let this version of their boss and mentor go. Wells-2 suggested that, if any Harrison Wells would do, why not just get one from a parallel universe? So, Cisco vibed and sent out a call for Harrison Wells dopplegangers — and went shopping, or casting, or whatever you want to call it. There is some freaky stuff happening on other Earths. We had Westworld Harrison Wells and steampunk Harrison Wells. One of the Harrison Wellses was a mime!

The last candidate was from Earth-19. This Harrison Wells was very smart, willing to move to another dimension, seems like kind of a dork, and won most of the the team at S.T.A.R. Labs over. "He's nice," said Cisco. "and he's not evil. That is a combination of Wells we have not had thus far." Fair point!

However, Harry didn't trust him. He also seemed to recognize Barry Allen. What's Barry up to on Earth-19? Does H.R. have some kind of ulterior motive? It's always a gamble with Harrison Wells on The Flash. That's what makes the character, whoever he is and whatever he wants, so fun!

Image: Dean Buscher/The CW